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A strong brand presence addresses the needs of consumers and the brand alike. Quality branding helps customers feel uniquely empowered by the brand, via enhancements like increased productivity or knowledge. The brand itself benefits from customers who develop loyalty, increasing the chances they advocate for the brand to friends and family. Quality branding can result in a natural stream of leads.

One of the hallmarks of a successful branding strategy involves video. It’s easier than ever to record a video and upload it, with even mobile phones possessing great video quality. As a result, video can be a cost-effective and highly engaging method to promote a brand. In addition to video’s accessibility, many professionals are growing frustrated by the sheer amount of textual correspondence they receive. A video is a breath of fresh air from texts, instant messages and email.

These six tips can help elevate your video content to the point where it’s strongly influencing your brand’s presence:


  1. Prioritize Videoconferencing Over Conference Calls

Conference calls are often ripe with mishaps, ranging from disconnects to callers asking, “Can you hear me?” Video calls, on the other hand, involve everyone’s attention. Video also makes it apparent if someone is disconnected or cannot hear. Beyond that, it’s easier to develop relationships in business when you can put a face to the name.

Businesses that adopt videoconferencing as the preferred communication method with clients can enjoy these benefits. They also have the ability to record the videos in order to fill in anyone who missed the meeting or needs the information presented.

Clients and investors will likely prefer to be contacted via video if the conversation is meaningful, which it often is. More than 80 percent of traffic online is video traffic, as content preference has shifted from text to images, videos and livestreams. At the very least, providing clients and investors the option to speak via video can cater to every preference.


  1. Enhance Your Proposals

Video enables you to present all relevant information, whether it’s via a PowerPoint presentation or data sheet, while also featuring your face, tonal inflection and reactions. All of these can aid in bolstering a proposal from sounding dull and uninspiring to one with ample detail and passion.


  1. Viral Opportunities Are Numerous

Some small businesses hit the jackpot by producing a viral video centered on their brand, ranging from DollarShaveClub to the “First Kiss” video, which brought in more than 82 million YouTube views despite costing only $1,300 to produce

Ideally, your video content will go viral, or at the very least attract positive attention on social media. Rather than investing thousands into an advertising campaign, consider producing a video with viral intentions in mind.


  1. Enforce Knowledge via Live Video Chats

Facebook Live enables businesses to host live videoconferences, where followers can watch and ask questions in real time. Combine this with a contest or giveaway to one of the question askers, and you’ll attract ample attention. Use the video chat to enforce your knowledge and expertise within the niche, validating trust consumers may have in you.


  1. Show Human Faces, Not Corporate Mundanity

behind the brand, as opposed to just the brand itself.


  1. Produce Training and How-to Videos

Google is often people’s go-to for finding how to do things these days. Training and how-to tutorials are among the most popular types of videos on YouTube. A quality tutorial regarding something in your brand’s topical scope is a fantastic way to attract new customers, who may find your video so helpful and informative that they trust you enough to purchase your products or services.

There are a variety of ways to enhance your brand using video, ranging from hosting live chats with giveaways and Q&As to implementing video chat in the office and creating potentially viral advertising videos or tutorials. The options are numerous and relevant for any business, regardless of its specialty.




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