How to Maintain a 100% Revenue Retention Rate


Travis Daugherty is the fearless leader of our Customer Experience team. Dedicated to making sure our users have the support they need, always happy to walk a customer through a new feature, and never one to let office leftovers go to waste, Travis is a great advocate for our customers, and a Brandfolder favorite.

Today, Travis is sitting down with us for a quick chat about how he builds trust with Brandfolder users, how he handles challenges, and what’s next for the Customer Experience team!

Travis Daugherty

Your background isn’t in customer support. What drew you to this position?

Travis: At a fast-growing company, you get to wear many hats. I started off in the sales department and found my niche, and what I loved to do, just by working with our clients and our product. I naturally gravitated towards helping people use Brandfolder after the sales process.

We began to look at the rate we were growing and the rate of monthly renewals, and we quickly realized that a dedicated customer experience team was a company need. I was able to fill that need with knowledge of the product from both the front and back end.

You have a 100% revenue retention rate. That’s crazy! What’s your secret?

Travis: I wish I could take all the credit, but the secret to that kind of retention is having a great product as well as a good initial build out.

For each of our clients, I look at how things are for them now, and how we will make them better. I spend time getting familiar with their assets, their audience, and their goals. That allows each client to have a Brandfolder that meets their needs perfectly, from day one.

No two build outs are ever the same at Brandfolder, and that’s something that sets us apart. We’ve got a lot of ways that we can look at a company’s unique requirements, and we can leverage our product in a way that’s completely custom to those requirements.

How do you build trust with Brandfolder customers?

Travis: It’s all about giving that relationship time. You can’t rush trust. It’s a consultative process, and trust is built during the course of that process.

I want my team to be available, responsive, and knowledgeable, so that we’re always meeting the needs of our clients. I think those three factors are part of why our users rated us so highly in G2 Crowd’s Fall 2016 Implementation Survey. We received top marks in Fastest Implementation, Easiest Setup, and Most Implementable Digital Asset Management platform.

From the time you decide on Brandfolder to the time your Brandfolder is populated and ready to use is two weeks or less. My team is pretty proud of that, and it’s obviously something that really resonates with our users as well.

Our Solutions Manager, Troy, recently wrote a piece on what to do when your SaaS goes down. How do you handle challenging scenarios like that?

Travis: First and foremost, it’s important to let whoever is having the issue know that they’re heard immediately. Then, my team does whatever it takes to escalate the situation internally and take it to the right stakeholders for resolution.

Sometimes it’s as simple as me walking a client through how to use the platform. And sometimes there are issues that need to be corrected. The bottom line for my team, and for our users, is that there’s nothing that can’t be fixed, it’s just dedicating the right resources to the right challenge.

How do you measure success?

Travis: Customer satisfaction (like we saw in the G2 Crowd report) and renewals. Seeing user comments come in from guest users about how easy the platform is to use, or how great the Customer Experience team was, that’s success to me.

Who’s a company with great customer support?

Travis: Zappos is the obvious answer! Also, I just had an issue with Patagonia and they were super responsive. There have been times when I’ve had something fall apart, and they always make it easy to get those issues resolved — all while staying really friendly.

What’s next for Brandfolder’s Customer Support team?

Travis: Growing our team with rockstars! Brandfolder is growing like crazy, and we want to maintain our high level of customer support. The priority is to be just as available as we’ve always been, so making sure we have the right resources for our clients is key!

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