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Ecosse Sports rebrands as Sportex with help from Designhouse


Ecosse Sports rebrands as Sportex with help from Designhouse

Ecosse Sports rebranding as Sportex complements the company’s unique recycling service for old artificial sports surfaces with its name derived from ‘sports’ and ‘texture’ and ‘technical’

Designhouse has created a dynamic new name and visual identity for Ecosse Sports that match their ambitions for growth in the UK artificial sports surfacing and recycling market.

The company, which is the first and only UK company to offer a unique recycling service for old artificial sports surfaces, has rebranded as Sportex, a name derived from ‘sports’ and ‘texture’ and ‘technical’. The new name has appeal across the whole UK market, beyond the Scottish location of the company headquarters.

The rename and rebrand were commissioned to modernise the look and feel of the company, which installs, maintains and recycles artificial sports surfacing. High-profile clients span across a range of industries including local authorities, professional sports clubs, universities, schools, Ministry of Defence and the private sector.

The new minimalist logo works equally well in black or reversed out white and is designed to be used in ways normally associated with sporting apparel brands. A flexible shorthand version allows for customisation using colours from the secondary palette, inspired by different pitch surfaces, to represent the three key service disciplines: install; maintain; recycle.

Typography is sporty, clean and contemporary, introducing Neue Haas Unica for body copy to complement the Industry Inc font that is used within the logo itself. A new graphic grid system is based on the markings of different sports’ surfaces.

Jamie Blamire, Managing Director of Sportex, said, “With a focus on sustainability and environmental issues, we are the only UK company to offer the full portfolio of artificial sports surfacing services. The time was right for us to update and Designhouse understood exactly what we were looking for. We love our bold, new sporty look. We know that our new name and identity is going to support our business growth going forward and allow us to sit down with prospective clients big and small across the UK.”

“As a proud Scot myself, I’m delighted that Sportex is the first UK company to pioneer artificial sports surface recycling, a huge step for sustainability within the UK,” said Designhouse Creative Director, Peter Dobie.

“Our creative challenge was to deliver a new name and visual identity that reflected the established build expertise of the business but also capitalised on the allure of the sports market that it serves. We have designed a new brand identity that hints at lifestyle sports brands whilst putting a stamp on the sustainable sports surfaces market. We have given Sportex a mark that reflects the huge impact they can make for the UK sports industry.”

The new identity has been applied to the redesigned corporate website and social platforms, with plans for a wider rollout across all marketing materials, clothing and livery in the coming months.

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