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4 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand – Bernard Kelvin Clive


4 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand

How do you stand out from the masses?

“Brands that stand out from the competition are purposefully disruptive or different”  –  Bernard Kelvin Clive

To stand out from the masses with your brand be disruptive, different, or you die. Over the years I realized that startup brands that are doing exceptionally well had in a way mastered what I call the D.I.C.E. strategy in branding.


They are

  • Different
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Excellent

They D.I.C.E on purpose; doing things differently from their competitors, with distinctiveness, innovation, and creativity with a hallmark of excellence. These are the things that propel brands to great heights of visibility and prominence.

To put all this together in a proper perspective I selected 7 Startup Brands Doing Things differently that you can study and be inspired by their works.

Here are some Ghanaian owned Startup Brand’s that differentiate their products and services from the masses, using creative and innovative ways, in their various markets.

My Pick for this week:

  1. Maza Health: amazingly helping with health transportation in remote areas in Ghana to save lives.
  2. CREO concepts: Telling the local story with animations. Graphic and animation firm, popularly known for their creative ‘Day Born’s cartoons’ on Social Media
  3. KokoKing; They simply professionally and hygienically packaged the everyday local ‘Hausa Koko’
  4. Waakye-On-Wheels (Cookhouse): Simply made delivery of delicious ‘Waakye’ exciting and fun.
  5. UTAMA: creatively make hand-made Bow-Ties & Flying-Ties from African print materials
  6. AgroMindset: Simply made farming attractive to the youth while making money
  7. Tress App: lovely app that helps women to share and discover new hairstyles.

Bernard Kelvin Clive


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