4 Crucial Steps to Create a Powerful Personal Brand

Personal branding is essential for developing your own professional network, but it’s also a great way to attract customers for your company. Thanks to social media updates, profiles on different platforms, and the extensiveness of Google search, you probably already have a digital footprint that represents how you’re perceived by the world. The big question is: Have you taken the time to curate it yourself?

In this post, we’ll reveal 4 important steps to build a powerful personal brand. Whichever way you choose to leverage your personal brand, use these tips to make sure your digital self represents your best self.

1. Define Your Personal Brand Vision

Companies create mission statements to guide business strategy, company culture, and goals for the future. Similarly, it’s important for you to make a personal vision defining who you are and where you’re headed. This will help shape your online presence and define how others think of you professionally.

What do you want people to think of when they hear of your name? Would you like to be known as an expert in a certain field? Are there certain qualities or values that you want to associate with your personal brand? Thinking about what you stand for, what you’re passionate about, and what makes you unique are great ways to define your personal brand vision.


2. Audit Your Online Presence

Before you start molding your personal brand, it’s important to understand what’s already out there. Make sure all your social media profiles are consistent with professional head shots and updated bios, and delete any profiles that you no longer use.

You may also want to secure a personal website so your name ranks higher on search engines. Your website can simply include a brief bio, your resume, and links to your social profiles. Lastly, set up a Google Alert for your name so you can keep tabs on how you’re being mentioned online.

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3. Craft Valuable Content

Once you have all your online profiles set up, it’s time to start populating them with content.

Curate content that aligns with your brand vision and produces value for your audience. Remember that your personal brand is the culmination of every tweet, every status update, and every photo you share — so be purposeful with what you post.

Above all, create content that showcases your authentic self. Think about what makes you different, and how you can embrace those differences to attract people to you in a positive way.

This will set you apart from the competition and allow others to really connect with you.


4. Partner With Other Strong Brands

Make a list of other groups you’re associated with — companies you’ve worked for, the college you attended, and professional groups in your area. Then, think of ways you can get involved. Can you contribute to your alumni newsletter or submit a guest post to an organization’s blog? Are there hidden opportunities available within your company that you can leverage?

Partnering with other strong brands will reinforce the credibility of your own personal brand. In addition, it can lead to speaking engagements, interviews, or other exciting opportunities that will strengthen your personal brand.

There’s no doubt that your personal brand already exists online — now it’s time to take charge of it!

Whether you’re using your personal brand to find freelance work, become a thought-leader in your industry, or bring in better clients for your company, these 4 steps will help you create a personal brand you can be proud of.

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