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Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Any Businesses – Personal Branding Blog


Companies which don’t have big marketing budgets have to think differently and find out smart ways to market their products. If you are working in one of these companies, then this week’s blog post is for you. Below you can find 4 low budget and different marketing ideas for any businesses.

Reuse What You Have: Reuse your existing content and turn them into new designs. For example; you can turn your old blog posts into an e-book and email it to your customers or you can turn your webinar into an audio recording or even a video. You can reuse an old booklet as a magazine advertising material or you can turn your published data into an infographic. There are countless options for reusing existing material. Don’t forget that there will be a lot of people who have never seen your old marketing stuff, so this will be fresh new content for many.

Try out Different Advertising Techniques: There are many advertisement areas out there other than social media, TV, radio, newspaper, etc. You can now even print your brand on water bottles. A company called personalizes water bottles and prints any design you want on the bottle. This is actually a great marketing idea because everybody drinks water and uses disposable water bottles. Also, the visibility of your brand increases, when someone carries this water bottle around. Moreover, having personalized water bottles from customwater is very affordable because they are available at wholesale prices. Therefore, this option must definitely be considered for marketing especially, if you want something different as a business owner.

Make Partnerships with Other Companies: Making partnerships with other companies in your industry can increase your visibility as well as help you reach a totally new customer base. However, the trick here is not to make partnerships with your direct competitors. Try to make a partnership with a company related to your business. This can be a win-win situation for both parties. You can partner up for a campaign, a giveaway, an event, a webinar or any other marketing activity you can think of.

Host a Free Event or Sponsor an Event: Everybody likes free things. Especially if you can host an educational event related to your product, you can get more attention and even some media coverage. If you cannot hold your own event, you can try sponsoring one related to your business. In this way, you can engage with your potential customers, increase your reach and build brand awareness.

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