10 Sites for Branding Fanatics to Follow Right Now


There are a million design blogs on the web, but only a few focus on branding and do it well. Here’s a collection of ten of our favorite branding sites for you to follow.

1. Brand New

Brand New is a division of UnderConsideration, a graphic design company that publishes books, throws events and provides the public with information about graphic design. Brand New contains reviews and opinion pieces about artists’ branding work, and it’s a great place to explore developments in the branding world through a critical lens. The site contains three divisions: Reviewed, which offers full stories and opinions on branding and rebranding work; Noted, which makes note of outstanding new branding and offers basic factual info; and Linked, which offers only minor explanations with links to outside sources.

2. The Dieline

The Dieline was started as a personal blog project by Andrew Gibbs, who hoped to document some of the best item packaging he discovered in the world. That blog morphed into the Dieline, which is devoted to celebrating the package design industry. Any brand fanatic interested in packaging and branding can find a wealth to explore on the Dieline. The site includes articles about package design, pictures of outstanding designs, lists of events, jobs, awards in the field and much, much more.

3. Adweek

Adweek is arguably the leader in sharing news about the advertising and media worlds. The Advertising & Branding section of Adweek is jam-packed with branding-specific news. The section has articles, blog posts, galleries and videos, and it’s a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the branding world in real time.

4. BrandStruck

Brandstruck is one of the best spots on the web for those people looking for raw brand strategy inspiration. This blog centers around case studies led by senior brand experts. You can even search by brand name if you have a targeted strategy you want to analyze.

5. Identity Designed

For a look at branding that is truly international in scope, check out Identity Designed. The site focuses on different takes on brand identity throughout the world, so it’s an awesome source of inspiration and information for anyone who is interested in design and aesthetics from different cultures.

6. Logo Design Love

Love logos? Then you’ll love Logo Design Love, a site completely devoted to logos and how they play into brand identities. The site has a slew of logos and brands to explore, and you can bring a physical piece of it into your home or studio with the site’s coffee-table book.

7. The Design Blog

The Design Blog is a site that’s devoted to design of all kinds, but it’s mostly geared toward young and up-and-coming designers. It’s filled with design inspiration, news and more, and there’s plenty of visual beauty here for branding fans that want something to spur on their creativity. Brand fanatics can also find lots of info on some of the most exciting and beautiful branding and logo designs today.

8. I’m Just Creative

I’m Just Creative is the blog of Graham Smith, who runs a logo design studio called the Logo Smith in the U.K. Smith’s blog is a celebration of all things brand identity, including logo design, typography and branding news. Smith has a great take on excellent branding work and inspiring images, and he’s immersed in the world of logos and brands, so he has tons of interesting and insightful info about the field.

9. Medium

A one-stop publishing platform for any and all reads related to marketing, creative, brand and far beyond. With Medium, you will look up from your computer and realize you’ve spent two hours on the site hopping post to post. If you’re feeling up to it, go beyond reading and contribute your own piece.

10. The Branding Journal

The Branding Journal is full of resources ranging from branding communications, to literally all things brand strategy. Fifteen categories in brand strategy alone, you will definitely find a piece to inspire, answer tough questions and trigger ideas. The Journal publishes worldwide news and insights, so no shortness of knowledge here. A common theme: branding empowers companies, and shapes consumer behavior, globally.

At Brandfolder, we try to keep up with all brand news and trends. This is probably because we power some of the most recognizable brands in the world with our DAM platform. Check it out.

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