Power Asset Collaboration with Simple Workflow from Brandfolder


By keeping all aspects of creative asset production in the same location, Simple Workflow streamlines the process from start to finish.

For example, picture a freelance photographer uploading a collection of images to Brandfolder. Before they can be used in an advertising campaign, a brand manager is able to review and approve the photos.

Or, imagine an agency asking their client for feedback on logo redesign. The brand’s marketing team can comment on the logo with helpful suggestions and ideas for the next version.

With Simple Workflow, marketing and creative teams can efficiently collaborate on brand assets, improve overall communication, and achieve a higher level of productivity.

Using Simple Workflow

Simple Workflow gives owners and admins the power to review and approve assets.

Here’s how it works in 5 easy steps:

  1. A collaborator uploads one or more assets for approval.
  2. These assets are immediately marked as pending, meaning they aren’t visible to guests or public visitors.
  3. All admins and owners of that organization receive an email notification about the assets awaiting approval.
  4. Administrators use the bulk actions bar in order to approve or delete assets.
  5. Collaborators receive an email notification once their assets have been approved.


Sometimes, publishing an asset isn’t as simple as “approve” or “delete.”

For example, what if you’d like to suggest a few tweaks to a logo? Or, what if you’d like a photographer to boost the contrast on a set of product shots?

With commenting, it’s easy for collaborators and admins to exchange suggestions, opinions, and ideas about creative work. Whether an asset is pending or published, all commenting activity remains hidden from guests and public visitors.

In this example, Grumpy Cat uses comments to offer constructive feedback for Doge’s new collar design.


Managing Workflow Notifications

By targeting a team member (@GrumpyCat) you can directly notify someone of a comment you’d like them to see.

For notifications regarding asset approval, personalizing your email preferences is easy. Owners, admins and guests can follow the entire conversation via email notification, or choose to mute all messages.

It’s also possible to mute all messages except for when you are explicitly mentioned in a comment.

Power Team Collaboration With Simple Workflow

Simple Workflow is an enterprise feature that makes it easy to upload, approve, and collaborate on important brand assets.

Learn more about Simple Workflow and view a tutorial in our Knowledge base.

To get started with Simple Workflow, send an email to sales@brandfolder.com today.

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