What is a Digital Asset? [Infographic]


You’ve probably heard a lot about Digital Asset Management (DAM). But exactly what is a digital asset? We get that question a lot, so we’re breaking it down below.

What is a Digital Asset?

A digital asset is anything used to represent your brand, from product photos and stock photos you incorporate into your website to videos and GIFs you use on social media. A digital asset is also the font libraries you use in branded materials, your brand guide, and even your brand’s mission statement, pillars, and copy.

What is a digital asset? It’s the JPGs, MOVs, and PDFs that make your brand come alive. It’s the moving parts that animate your press releases, give your customers a targeted and unique experience, and allow you to connect with your audience online.

What is a digital asset? Here’s an infographic that explains things a little better:

what is a digital asset infographic

So now that you know what a digital asset is and how important they are to your brand, how will you manage them? Your digital assets are the lifeblood of your dynamic and ever-evolving brand. They deserve more than to be banished to the far reaches of an internal server or someone’s jumbled Google Drive. Here’s what we suggest.

How Do I Store Digital Assets?

A digital asset management platform will provide one safe, easily accessible, and visual location for you to store, share, and manage your digital assets. Upload images and let your DAM do the formatting so that they’re never stretched or sullied. Add videos and let your DAM clip, watermark, or grab audio from your files. You can even include your brand guide in your DAM and rejoice when people actually use it because it’s so easy to find!

Oh, and with all this functionality, shouldn’t your DAM integrate with the other tools and platforms you use everyday? Of course it should! Integrations with Slack, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft, and more make DAM a natural inclusion into your workflow.

What is a digital asset? They’re the most important part of your brand, and DAM acts as the hub for the living, breathing assets you count on to represent your brand every day. Are you giving them the care and attention they deserve?

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