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How Do You Know If Your Brand’s Content is Subject To Copyright Laws? – Personal Branding Blog


Having great content and images is an important tool for your personal brand to stand out with your audience. The copyright of certain content is also important for your brand to pay attention to in order to avoid any legal disputes.

There are several ways to find out what can be used and which items to avoid, which can bring more trust and authenticity to your online reputation. Knowing exactly where the find the best photos, videos, and content will reduce the need to contact an attorney or legal advisor.

Building a safe content marketing strategy takes research, and involves a careful approach. Here are several copyright-free items your brand can start using according to an infographic put together by WhoIsHostingThis and featured by marketing expert, Larry Kim:

  • Pay attention to fixed versus physical form in video – A spontaneous action such as dancing is not subject to copyright laws; however, if it is a planned or choreographed dance then the content is protected under the law.
  • No authorship – If there is text that is written, not well-known, and does not have an author attribution attached to it then it is free to use. Ideas about a topic are also fair game in the content world.
  • Business forms – Any type of time card, graph paper, diary, address book, order form, ect. is copyright free. If you are a blogger and would like to include a recipe, this in and of itself is safe to use.
  • Content from the federal government – Copyright laws do not protect anything that is published by the feds including, memos, reports, rulings, ect. State and local governments; however, may have works that are protected.

Publishing the right content will keep your personal brand on top and establish your name is a leading authority. Take the time to protect your reputation by investigating anything acquired or researched online and offline. As a general rule assume that there may be a copyright in place until you learn otherwise.

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