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Get The Most Out Of Social Media Groups For Your Personal Brand – Personal Branding Blog


For years groups on social media have been a hub of activity, especially for brands. These are a great a place for your personal brand to share helpful information and for networking. Groups can help build your community and create more meaningful social interactions.

Many brands and businesses focus on their social network profiles and blog as the main place for activity and content sharing. By engaging in groups that are relevant to your niche you can actually attract new loyal brand followers.

Is it still possible to create more engagement and growth through organic reach on social media? The answer is most definitely yes, and the influence from groups is a tremendous asset to that strategy.

When you become active in groups your business is building long-lasting relationships. A simple branding image is important if you host your own group, which I highly recommend. Here are a few ways you can leverage these with successful results.

The Right Way To Interact With Social Media Groups

There are several key elements to developing an effective networking strategy:

  • Make groups a part of your marketing strategy – In a focused group, you can share information with like-minded people, solve pressing problems, fill the missing elements not addressed by your competitors, provide helpful tips, create a buzz, and encourage feedback. Interacting and even starting your own branded group will you grow an audience, a fan base, and a larger following.
  • Be familiar with the culture – In an online setting we are not able to see body language, tones of voices, and facial expressions. Instead, get to know group members through their profile photos, the types of posts they are sharing, comments, and the types of answers being offered.
  • Plug into the right niche – Take the time to research which groups best fit your brand. Pay special attention to whether these are active with posts that do not contain a lot of spam content. The goal should be to join places that have a minimum of 500 members in order to reach the most people.
  • Use the best practices model – There’s a fine art to creating or contributing to a successful group. First, make sure every new member is welcomed and acknowledged with a personalized message. Second, be committed to contributing and adding value in all of your posts and comments. Third, don’t “sell” your services unless it is specifically allowed. Fourth, nurture your groups by engaging in them at least three times a week.

While a social media post or tweet is more focused on content, images, video, and promotions a group is about creating meaningful conversations and building a strong community. Over time members will naturally be drawn to your personal brand, and this can extend into your other social networks as well.

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