How Under Armour Drove 1.5 Billion Media Impressions With a Single Launch


Consider this: Under Armour drove 1.5 billion media impressions with the launch of UA Healthbox, a state-of-the-art connected fitness ecosystem. What’s even more impressive is that all of the press generated from this launch was accurate and on-brand.

With over 400 employees operating from offices in five different global locations, garnering that much explosive (and accurate!) buzz is quite an accomplishment. Wondering how the Under Armour team pulled it off? We spoke with Allison Glass, PR Manager at Under Armour’s Connected Fitness business unit, to get the inside scoop.

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Before finding a solution for organizing their brand assets, The Connected Fitness team relied on email, traditional cloud storage, and desktop files to manage their brand. This made it extremely difficult to locate assets and determine which files were the most up-to-date.

As the UA Healthbox launch deadline neared, the Connected Fitness team knew they needed a better way to manage their assets — one that enabled alignment and efficiency, rather than fruitless searching and wasted time.

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The Connected Fitness team finally found the perfect solution with Brandfolder. Brandfolder’s intuitive platform made it easy for Under Armour teams across continents to adopt, creating a single source of truth for finalized brand assets for the HealthBox launch.

“Working with a cross-functional team, it was incredibly efficient knowing that key stakeholders had access to updated assets in real-time as products develop. Our company moves at an incredible speed, and we need tools that can adapt with us, versus tools that have an expiration date.”

The Connected Fitness team also took advantage of Brandfolder’s advanced permissions: Before the official launch, the Connected Fitness team shared their private Brandfolder exclusively with 35 members of the media. This proactive pre-briefing approach helped generate those incredible 1.5 billion media impressions.

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And, that’s not all: In addition to streamlining collaboration and promoting global consistency, the team at Connected Fitness also employed Brandfolder’s powerful customization features. To find out how, get the Under Armour case study today! You’ll get all the insider details on how Under Armour executed a stellar launch of the UA Healthbox — and how they achieved PR domination along the way.

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