An Outdated Way to Manage Your Assets


Do you miss the disorganized file cabinets and manila folders of the past?

Do you wish you could re-live this time period — missing documents, lost logos, and all?

Today, we’re excited to announce these dreams can finally come true with Brandfolder’s newest feature: Manila Mode.

Turning on Manila Mode will transform your Brandfolder into a virtual filing cabinet, which you can sort through at your leisure. To use Manila Mode, simply click on the toggle button in the top right corner of your Brandfolder, and immediately return to the inefficiencies of yesteryear.

Or, visit Slack’s Brandfolder to see Manila Mode in action!

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Manila Mode features functional folders with rounded safety edges and a beautiful beige sheen that is reminiscent of a sandy, temperate beach. They’re even modeled after eco-friendly manila folders (made with 5% recycled manila folder) so you can convince yourself this is an eco-friendly choice.

As you’ll see in the Manila Mode screenshot below, these folders don’t support a color-coded option, and they definitely don’t allow labeling. So, you and your marketing team can waste even more time searching through poorly-labeled, outdated folders. Isn’t this fun?!

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Let’s face it: why would you want to use a visual platform — (one so simple that literally a child, or your grandma, could use it) — when you can dig through opaque folders at random instead? Just take a word from a few of our customers, who’ve already tried out Manila Mode and love the old school feel.

“Thumbnailing? What’s that? I love the thrill that comes with drilling deep into a folder hierarchy. Thank god Brandfolder released Manila Mode — I was struggling to come up with enough ways to stay busy from 9am to 5pm.” — Arthur Jenkins

“Manila mode. Fax machines. Land lines. These are a few of my favorite things!” — Julie Watson

“I’m very grateful for Manila Mode. Change is hard. These folders conjure up amazing memories from a better time. I’m never turning this feature off.” — Cecil Andrews-Black

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Okay okay, as you may have guessed by now — Manila Mode is just a joke. But a working one at that. Current customers are encouraged to have some fun this April Fools Day and enable the toggle in the top right corner of their Brandfolder.

And, in all seriousness, part of what makes Brandfolder so great is that we don’t rely on outdated folder structures. Instead, we offer a visual, intuitive way to manage digital assets. And while our organization method (which includes customized tagging and personalized sections) may seem foreign at first, the saying rings true: once you go Brandfolder, you never go back(folder).

If you’re ready to save time and money managing your brand assets, see how Brandfolder’s digital asset management platform can boost your productivity and lower your stress levels.

P.S. If you’re already a user, do pay attention to the toggle bar in the top right corner! We’ll be using it to announce some exciting Brandfolder changes next week!

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