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Do you remember how good it felt when someone made you pinky-promise not to tell a secret?

With Brandfolder’s new Simple Password feature, you can keep this feeling of trust alive. Now, when you send guests a link to a private Brandfolder, they can easily view and download assets using the password you’ve provided. Simple Password is available to Enterprise users at no additional cost, and Enhanced accounts can add Simple Password for just $10 a month.

Here are the details:

Setting Up Your Password

1. Click on the black “Admin” button for the Brandfolder you want to change.

  1. Select the “Privacy Settings” option.

  2. On the “Privacy Settings” screen that pops up, check “Enable Simple Password.”

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  1. Type in your password and remember it! We’ll email it to all Admins just in case.

  2. Click “Update Privacy Settings” and you’ll receive a confirmation notification.

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  1. Voila! Share your Brandfolder URL and password with anyone you want.

For Extra Stealth

Need an extra layer of protection because you’re designing a super-secret logo? We’re also introducing Stealth Mode, which makes your Brandfolder invisible in searches both on the Brandfolder website and in search engines like Google.

Stealth Mode lets you share assets with an anonymous login page, without any trace of your brand name or assets. How can Stealth Mode be useful to you? Sphero recently used Stealth Mode to exclusively share assets from their latest product release with TechCrunch, before officially announcing it to the rest of the world.

What Do You Think?

Whether you need to keep your Brandfolder secret just for a few weeks or for all of eternity, we hope that Simple Password helps you share your brand assets more securely and efficiently. If you have feedback for us (positive or negative) we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note at support@brandfolder.com.

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