Why Agencies are Implementing Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solutions


While advertising, branding, creative and marketing agencies may have different offerings, there’s one thing they share in common: they all create a ton of assets. They create files for design concepts, pitch decks and marketing campaigns, and must distribute them to their clients efficiently. With hundreds of assets and multiple clients, this can be a real challenge.

Luckily, there are better ways to share these assets than by email or Dropbox — in fact, there are solutions which are designed to meet the needs of agencies who deal with many files on the daily. Enter: a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform, a powerful and simple way to organize digital assets that allows agencies to maintain brand consistency, manage creative for numerous clients, and measure performance in real time.

Here are three common pain points for agencies, and how a DAM like Brandfolder can help solve these issues.

Managing creative for numerous clients and brands

Agencies work with a wide clientele, so they juggle libraries of assets, different timelines, and overall have more to keep track of. The most common (and archaic) methods of sharing or presenting these assets include email attachments, file transfer protocols and shared folders. Instead of delivering these assets through these routes (and risk losing important assets in the process), a DAM presents a seamless way to present and share creative with clients, as well as receive feedback and approvals directly in the platform. With Brandfolder’s customizable permissions, agencies can also manage their users and permissions from one portal — ensuring clients only have access to exactly what the agencies want them to.

When it comes to distributing these assets to the clients, agencies will most likely send creative to external partners through email (like vendors and media), racking up even more hours of manual labor. Dropping these assets into a shared DAM platform not only saves time for the agency, but also keeps the files organized and easily retrievable for the client.

Using outdated or inconsistent assets

Using an outdated asset is not only embarrassing, but it can derail a client’s brand consistency and appear unprofessional. Helping a client maintain an air-tight brand is crucial for agencies, and using a DAM software ensures brand consistency across both in-house content, as well as creative developed by agency partners. The platform serves as a central source of truth: No matter what a user needs, they will get an asset that is current, and can convert it to whatever format they need to complete the project.

Brandfolder also allows users to search for a specific asset and displays information about how those assets should be used. By providing this type of regulation, DAMs ensure that assets are being used correctly and consistently — creating more credibility and trust around the brand. This also plays into time management, as it saves hours of back-and-forth emails asking for files. With a brand management solution in place, agencies can less time coordinating files and more time building campaigns.

Evaluating the performance of assets

With Brandfolder, agencies can quickly view their most active assets,activity and top users for individual assets to gain further insight. Additionally, you can find DAM platforms that integrate with Google Analytics or third-party services (like Zapier){:target=”_blank”} to create custom notifications about your asset usage.

The increased functionality of this platform makes managing client relationships much easier, and proves to be far more professional, reliable, and secure than other sharing methods. At the end of the day, an agency’s main objective is helping brands grow(whether it’s through revenue or awareness), and a DAM acts as a full on Brand Management platform. That means housing, enforcing, protecting and distributing every single aspect of a brand — which, short of any intellectual IP, is the most valuable thing any company has.


If you’re on the hunt for a tool to help your agency manage your countless digital assets, a DAM like Brandfolder can be a great addition to your team. By investing in a platform to help your agency manage creative for clients, maintain brand consistency, and measure analytics, you’ll spend less time looking for assets and more time doing what you’re good at: creating.

Curious to learn more about Brandfolder and how it can help your agency manage its digital asset libraries? Schedule time with an expert today!

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