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It’s that time of the year again — all football everything. At Brandfolder, we take fantasy football very seriously. The crockpot on the top shelf is dusted off, the cold brews and White Claws are replaced with steaming-hot coffee and craft beers. Office banter turns into arguing whether Le’Veon Bell or Todd Gurley is the worthy first pick in the draft.

Drafts are never simple and a lot of work goes into making the right picks. That star player better be an absolute lock, or you could be in for quite a tough time; sixteen weeks of torture, the punching bag of the league, and an entry fee flushed down the drain. Now, just imagine if choosing the right digital asset management platform was this same brutal process. We can’t have that, so here is an Expert DAM Draft Guide to give you the draft tips insider information you need to boost your company to digital asset management glory. Go ahead, raise that trophy proudly above your head as your co-workers cheer, figuratively of course!

What round do I draft a DAM?

Is DAM a good fit for your company and is the timing right? You don’t want to draft a kicker in the 8th round. We believe that DAM’s can be the nucleus of your team, so you’ll want to draft early to set the rest of your organization up for success.

Is a DAM a good fit for your company and is the timing right? Asset duplication and versioning can get overly complex and messy no matter where you work. Old logos and content that find their way to the surface can cause a negative impact on your brand value in the eyes of consumers and prospects alike. Marketers and digital designers using other methods of storing and sharing assets get bogged down with more requests than a single person, let alone a team, can handle. Make sure to consider the issues your company is facing and which features can address them. Digital asset management platforms have many more capabilities than pure cloud storage and organization, so be sure to overshare the problems you are facing around brand assets with your sales rep.

Here are just a few reasons to get your DAM recruits lined up.

  • Lost/missing brand assets.
  • Brand discrepancies throughout teams.
  • Distribution to vendors, agencies, partners is difficult.
  • Need workflow between creators and requestors.

Establishing and understanding your league scoring model

With every fantasy league, there are scoring settings to tinker that can change the entire strategy of your draft. Understanding what features matter most to your company will allow you to boost the value of your investment.

What features does your company value most from a digital asset management platform? A modern, clean user-interface and an intuitive and easy experience are great for companies giving guest access. Depending on your use case, you may be interested in notifications around new asset releases or maybe you only want an asset to live for a limited time, in which case you would want expiration features. Clean organization and smart search capabilities increase the speed of the user working in a DAM with tons of assets. Insights and analytics provide powerful information that can help to identify competitive opportunities. It is imperative that you can comprehend and reiterate your current asset workflow and any pain points that you have encountered to maximize your investment in your new asset management platform.

Building the perfect team

How does a new DAM recruit fit in with the rest of your tech stack? Omnichannel marketing makes for a solid team when all solutions work together! Certain technologies are already in your marketing stack, so don’t be afraid to implement a DAM to have a power combo like drafting Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams.

Easy integrations and implementations are key for companies that are constantly moving and cannot afford a pause in operations. Finding a DAM provider with a variety of login methods, like SAML and SSO that can integrate with your existing stack will be beneficial for a seamless user experience. A modern DAM is a common space between creative development and the endpoints of omnichannel marketing. Be sure to elaborate these experiences (workflows) and business processes clearly and in detail to ensure a painless addition to your already existing lineup.

Ask the experts

What are the experts saying? There are many software ranking sites that can give you the information you need to make the perfect pick. Be sure to review multiple rankings and compile your own list to maximize your investment. Business software and services review sites include G2 Crowd, Capterra and Software advice, just to name a few!

Tips and targets

  • Like a quarterback, every brand needs a DAM.
  • The best DAMs should integrate with ease. Don’t force your pick, make sure you have the roster spot available so your DAM doesn’t sit on your bench.
  • When in doubt, consult the experts – that’s us
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