Get More ROI Out of Your DAM With Insights and Analytics


Marketers and creatives know what it means to pour their hearts into a campaign or piece of creative. They also know how it feels when those projects don’t gain momentum. Next comes the finger-pointing, head-scratching, and throwing ideas at a wall. But these tactics don’t go very far when trying to determine what projects actually stick.

In today’s professional landscape, executives and every blog on earth tell us to be more data-driven. But how does one actually do that? Enter: a digital asset management platform with robust analytics and insights. On top of Brandfolder’s insights dashboard, customers can receive additional customizable reports. 

Brand Intelligence reports help customers prove content ROI, optimize campaigns, plan future roadmaps, and measure the value of team efforts. They also provide rich information on the contents and health of a Brandfolder.

Below are some popular reports you can glean from your DAM that are sure to benefit you:  

Comprehensive Overview

With this comprehensive analysis of an organization, customers can see a holistic view of assets views, downloads, and shares over time. What are the top assets in your Brandfolder? Which are shared most often? This gives a great overview of what’s happening with your assets and if the time that’s gone into creating them is paying off in actual usage. 

International Overview 

This report generates a list of the countries that download your assets the most. The world’s largest travel platform uses this tool to get a feel for their global hotspots and evaluate their distribution of resources. For example, if the marketing team sees that Azerbaijan is downloading more assets than Hungary, maybe more time should be spent training their Hungarian users on the array of offerings and how they can be accessed. The team could then pair these findings with the insights available in the next report …

Insights by Asset

This report generates individual events on assets. Think: views, downloads, and shares. One of our technology companies, specifically their creative team, uses this report to determine which assets need to be reevaluated or retired based on the number of times their internal sales teams are touching a particular asset. They can also determine which collection an individual asset might fare the best in.

In the tags deep dive report, a CPG customer (who has multiple product types under one umbrella brand) can see all of their tags and how often they are being searched. They then use this information to understand which assets their sales team accesses and distributes the most, as well as to help control the organization of their Brandfolder.

Interested in hearing how you can take advantage of our insights dashboard and our customizable Brand Intelligence reports? Reach out to us today.

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