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Some concepts to evaluate your dilemma

Many jobs were eliminated during the last recession and many employees contemplated a job change but they couldn’t because of the fear that they will stay unemployed for a long time. Now, a decade later the job market has improved markedly yet, the old work conditions have not improved but often worsened.  So how do you go about evaluating whether this is a good time to quit or stay?  The following questions guide your thinking.

Do you have autonomy from your boss?

You really like your job and you are good at.  You receive compliments and your colleagues are congenial.  You are looking forward to go to work in the morning.  But there is a problem in your relationship with your boss.  He is constantly breathing down your neck and controlling everything you do and gives you negative feedback.  How much longer can you take this?

How long have you been on this job?

Depending on how long that you have been in this job, you need to ask yourself if this is not the right time to move on for a bigger job, a promotion with more money and clearly a career growth.  Traditional jobs typically provide employees a cost of living increase but that is normally minimal.  In order to make a significant jump in compensation one has to change companies.  The window of opportunity is between 3 to 5 years.  Longer than 5 years in the same job is essentially just like cruising. Ask yourself if this is the right time to take a risk for the right reward.

Are your long term goals within reach at your current company?

When personal goals are aligned with those of the company, people seem content and productive.  Ask yourself whether your skills match with your organization’s future.  Have a candid conversation with your boss and get a reading on her opinion.  Perhaps it is time to learn new skills? Or jump ship.

Has it been a year since you started working?

If people are not happy on their job it is very likely that they will leave after one year.  Others leave on their second year anniversary and yet others on their third year anniversary.  If they have not left by then their tenure most likely will be long.  Anniversaries are milestones and this is a time when people take stock and make future job decision.

Are you in control of your job or it is vice versa

When people feel much fulfilled on their job they perform at their peak and give always one hundred percent.  But this is conditional if they feel fully in control.  If they feel manipulated by a boss or team members their satisfaction diminishes and people question themselves how much longer to stay.  Demanding jobs without autonomy lead to burnout.  Authority and responsibility should be in equilibrium.  If they are not, one should consider leaving.

Is your job boring?

People want to have a job which is meaningful and it has a purpose.  Researchers found that having a job with a purpose is a higher motivation than money.  But some jobs become routine and frankly boring.  If this condition is going on for too long it is time to consider a change.

Are you using your skills and feel that you are learning?

You may be stuck in a position where you do not have a chance to use your skills – those skills that you like using and know you are good at.  Or worse, you feel that your job is repetitive and you are not learning anything new.  Ask yourself if there is a way out and have a good discussion with your supervisor.  If this seems fruitless then it is time to quit.

In summary

These are only several questions to ask yourself about your current job.  This list is clearly not complete.  My advice is that you do not keep these issues for yourself but rather talk it over with people you trust or career coaches who could provide you advice and mentor you.

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