5 valuable facts about the future of digital content


Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? This means that when it comes to digital marketing, visual content is critical for generating leads and driving traffic back to your site. But in a world where we’re constantly competing to have our content seen in the first place, creating digital content can be an overwhelming task.

We recently came across this report published by the CMO Council, which does a great job of illustrating the relationship between marketing, brands and digital content. To share some of this insight, we’ve put together 5 valuable facts about the current and future state of digital content.

1. Visual assets are critical to brand storytelling.


2. Digital content sharing is at an all-time high.


3. Marketers are creating more content than ever.


4. To keep up with demands, marketers must triple content creation.


5. Most marketers don’t have an efficient way to manage assets.


The marketing world agrees: visual content is more valuable than ever.

But without an effective solution for managing, organizing and sharing visual assets, creating content becomes more of a hassle than a help. To learn how Brandfolder can help you manage all your digital assets from a single location, get a quote.

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