Tackling the Quarantine Time Vortex, Together


Quarantine has introduced a whole new set of challenges for us at Parisleaf. We’re tackling zoom fatigue, self-isolation blues, and the general quarantine time vortex. We wanted to share a few things we’re doing to keep our culture healthy and strong while we’re apart. Hopefully, you’re able to take some of these to your team. 

Have Fun With Slack

Slack. There’s no better tool in the industry for interacting with co-workers and sharing oven-hot memes. Here are a few ways we’ve used it to stay connected during this weird time.

We begin every day with a check-in gif. It’s a fun way to let each other know we’re online and available.

Our two main moods:


We’ve created some new uplifting Slack channels, including #gratitude (where we gush about each other), #pl-pets (where we show off our furry coworkers), and #friday (where Slackbot reminds us every Friday that these videos exist: Mufasa, corndog gal, and fries baby). 

To keep things fresh, we’ve been changing our Slack avatars weekly. We’ve been famous paintings, glamour shots, actors that would play us in a Parisleaf movie, and our favorite owls. Currently, we’re all someone from the Netflix docuseries Tiger King.

Social Media Stories

We’ve been using our social media stories as a way to share the movies, books, work-from-home (WFH) setups, and animals that have been getting us through the quarantine. It’s also a glimpse into our glamorous WFH lives. 

Parisleaf Spirit Week

A month into quarantine, we could sense that our spirits could use a lift. So we built an easy-to-execute, all-digital Parisleaf Spirit Week. Use the schedule below as a blueprint for your own Spirit Week.

Monday: Change your Slack avatar to your favorite owl (in honor of Parisleaf mascot and ultimate avian cutie, Percy).

Tuesday: Wear your favorite hat (that you have at home).

Wednesday: On Wednesdays, we wear pink. (Or you can’t sit with us. JK, you can’t sit with us anyway.) 

Thursday: Quarantine fashion show (pajama day).

Friday: Spirit Day (Wear your Parisleaf t-shirt).

Coronavirus Q&A Series

We’ve all seen the never-ending stream of content coming from CEOs and different business leaders, but how are their employees feeling? How are Parisleaf’s teammates coping? How can we be here for each other? In an effort to answer all of these questions, Jessica, Chad’s Executive Assistant, created our new Coronavirus Q&A series, in which she interviews a Parisleaf team member each week. 

We meant for these interviews to make our clients and friends outside of Parisleaf feel more connected to us, but they’re making us feel more connected to each other. By learning more about what each of us is going through right now, we’ve learned how best to support each other, give space, and show some love.

Take Care of One Another

One of our values is Candor Led By Love. We have to be transparent with one another about our mental health. We have to be open about our current capacity for work and how we need to be supported. We’re incredibly lucky to work with Ali and Chad, our fearless leaders, who genuinely care about our well-being. When we’re candid, when the conversation flows without judgment, we’re able to show up for each other, even in a pandemic.

We’d love to hear how these ideas work for you, and about other ways, you’re keeping your company’s culture healthy! Let us know how it’s going – reach out at kendyl[at]

Find more COVID-19 reads and resources here.

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