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In this in-depth American Express (AXP) stock analysis video, you will learn about American Express’ closed-loop business model vs Visa and Mastercard, American Express’s two biggest risks, American Express’ biggest competitive advantages and long-term prospects and how to calculate American Express stock’s intrinsic value, so you will know if America Express stock is undervalued now.

0:00 Intro
1:53 American Express’ business model vs Visa and Mastercard
5:00 Risk 1: Global Recession, High Inflation and Credit Risk
8:36 Risk 2: Competition with Visa and Mastercard
9:24 American Express’ Competitive Advantages/Economic Moat
14:08 American Express’ Long-term Prospects
17:15 American Express Stock Valuation (Undervalued Now?)
19:06 Will I Buy American Express Stock?

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