Have A Heart: Consumers Love Ethical Brands


Pop Quiz: Two identical bottles of dish soap are sitting on the shelf at Target. Which one do you buy?

If you’re like 55% of consumers worldwide, you reach for the socially responsible brand–even if it’s more expensive.

That’s right, a recent Nielsen study shows that consumers across 60 countries are willing to pay more for brands that support some type of altruistic cause. Brands who integrated sustainability into their marketing campaigns saw a 5% rise in sales in just one year.

If you need some inspiration, here are a few brands that are getting social responsibility right:

Seventh Generation: Clean Home, Clean World  

From detergent to diapers, Seventh Generation is dedicated to keeping your household clean from top to baby’s bottom. The home and personal care company has inspired a consumer revolution that helps homeowners make mindful choices about household and cleaning products that are gentle on our collective home: the world. In fact, the company recently collected more than 100,000 signatures via the #FightToxins campaign to encourage congress to reform the Toxic Substances Act.

Warby Parker: Eyewear That Educates

Warby Parker has emerged as a leader in selling stylish specks, but they don’t stop there. Their “Buy A Pair, Give a Pair” program supports long-term sustainability by teaching men and women in underdeveloped countries how to give eye exams. These trainees then sell Warby Parker glasses in their communities at a low-cost, which stimulates these struggling economies and also gives people the gift of sight.

The Body Shop: Compassionate Cosmetics

With four decades of experience, The Body Shop paved the way for sustainability in the world of cosmetics. They use their corporate power to launch awareness campaigns focusing on crucial issues like domestic violence and human trafficking. And to make their best-selling body butter and shower scrubs, the company harvests natural, fair-trade ingredients from countries like Ghana and Kenya.

In Conclusion

All of these brands have one thing in common: they identified a critical social issue and addressed that issue in a way that aligns with their product offering and the values of their target audience. The simple act of conserving water or donating to a local charity could be the key to whether a consumer leaves the aisle with your bottle of dish soap in hand, or whether they grab your competitors.

So, what social issue aligns with your brand?

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