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Digital asset management (DAM) solutions are becoming more of a necessity than a nice-to-have. From sales sheets to photography to logo files, digital assets are increasingly more valuable to marketers and creatives. So what does this all mean? Well, it’s now more important than ever to leverage tools that help brands streamline their workflows, so they can go to market even faster.

There’s no doubt about it: DAM solutions are the best way to help organizations overcome these challenges.

As a DAM provider, we thought it would be helpful to explore the biggest obstacles that today’s marketers and creatives face when managing digital assets. This will give us a better understanding of the role that Brandfolder plays in helping your creative and marketing teams be more efficient, and it will help us solidify why you can’t afford to live without modern DAM.

We’re ecstatic to announce that today, we’re kicking off an 8-part blog series that will uncover the challenges and pain points experienced by so many marketing organizations. If you’ve ever struggled to understand what considerations are most important when selecting DAM, we’re here to help. In our upcoming series, we’ll take a deeper look into:

If increasing overall revenue, improving external collaboration, or understanding your asset ROI seem intriguing, we encourage you to further investigate DAM. All of these benefits are cited as directly relating to DAM in a recent IDC research report. In fact, one of the report’s highlighted organizations was able to reduce external agency spend by 5%, ultimately saving them enough money to validate their DAM purchase, and then some.

If you’re ready to learn more about how DAM can help your team, don’t miss next week’s post on the beauty of DAM simplicity.

Don’t forget to check back weekly as we publish more posts that compliment this series! And if you have any questions or comments about a DAM topic you’d like us to cover, send us a suggestion at support@brandfolder.com.

*Jenay Sellers runs Digital Marketing at Brandfolder, the simplest way to store, share and manage brand assets. As a Marketer and self-taught website designer, she understands the importance of digital asset management tools and solutions. When she’s not encouraging others to check out Brandfolder, she enjoys cooking Blue Apron meals, playing golf, and curating Spotify’s best new music. *

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