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My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017 – Personal Branding Blog


This week, I wanted to list my post popular blog posts of 2017. These posts also got republished in some other news sites or blogs and got shared a few thousand times.  If you didn’t have an opportunity to read these posts before, now is the perfect time. Below you can find the top 5 list of 2017.

  • 4 Ways to Overcome Post-Holiday Blues: After the holidays, which are full of fun and joy, returning back to a regular routine can be difficult. While almost everyone doesn’t like going back to work especially after the joy of the holidays, you should face the reality and do your best to adjust and be productive again. In order to prevent the post-holiday blues, you have to do a little bit of planning and accept that it is over so that you can get back to the right mindset. Read this blog post to find some helpful tips in order to resume your regular routine.
  • Things to Do When Your Job Is at Risk: If you start to feel that your job is on the line, you should behave proactively and prepare in advance. Preparing can help you a lot for softening the process and let you plan how you are going to deal with this both emotionally and financially.  In this post, you can find the steps which will help you overcome this situation.
  • What Your Profile Picture Says About You: Do you ever think about what your profile picture tells about you? If someone doesn’t know you, the first impression s/he makes about you is by looking at your picture. Also, recruiters spend 19 percent of their time on your online profile by looking at your picture. This means that your picture is as important as your past experiences and skills in getting a recruiter’s attention to call you. Therefore, be careful when choosing your profile picture. Read this post to important points of choosing the right profile picture.
  • Education vs. Experience: Which One Is More Important: When we hit “back to the school” season, many people start to think whether college education is a must. College education is expensive but certainly important especially in some fields. However, graduating from college is not a guarantee of landing a job immediately. You also need experience in your desired field. So, which one is more important: education or experience? Is having experience enough for you to land your dream job without a bachelor’s degree? Or do you certainly require a bachelor’s degree with good academic grades? Keep reading this post and decide yourself.
  • Basic Tech Skills Every Employee Should Know: You don’t need to be a computer scientist in order to be tech literate. There are certain skills every employee regardless of their positions should know in order to use technology efficiently. For some, these skills may seem natural. But for others, if they are lacking these skills, or are not good at them, they may lose productivity and as a result, can fall behind their coworkers. Therefore, don’t afraid of technology or computers, and do your best to improve yourself. Check out this post to learn more about the skills every employee should have.

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