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The way people search has evolved over just the last few years, and many brands may have seen a shift in their website rankings and visitor rates. Mobile is a large influence in the way people look for information, which is driven by conversations and phrases. Now voice search on smart devices for the home is the becoming new method of finding information, and influences the way our content is accessed.

Has your brand’s website lost visibility online? There are new ways  to attract an audience, and increase your sales. In order to be successful you need to be aware of the latest technology affecting content marketing.

The latest SEO methods are now more focused on phrases and context. A well-optimized website for both text and voice search will attract more readers no matter what device they are using. Here are some new methods that will help you update your content.

New Search Engine Marketing Tactics for 2018

Creating fresh, original content for your target market is still important when it comes to building more subscribers as people type in phrases and speak into their devices.

  • Keep current standards in place – Optimize your content according to Google’s latest algorithm changes — not everyone is using voice search to find products or services. Add an FAQ page that answers their most pressing questions and include entire sentences that could be spoken into on a smart device.
  • Focus less on PageRank – Google’s updated search engine is now organized in a way to keep up with the changing search demands of today. Creating a great user experience now takes precedence over top page results as more people turn away from their computers. ‘Semantics’ and mobile indexing are now the new norm as a result. Longer paragraphs should be broken up into bite sized chunks, and information needs to be clear, to the point, and immediately answers questions.
  • Update your website structure – The old way of creating Sitelinks has changed as Google now pulls snippets to best match search queries. Your information needs to be fresh, authoritative, and clear in order to get noticed along with optimizing the context of your website pages.

As search engine marketing continues to transform from new technology it is important make any necessary updates and changes to your website and content. If your site’s content and structure has not been updated in more than 18 months, consider re-designing the site to take advantage of the latest innovation in content management system (CMS) technologies, as well as enhancing the quality and depth of your page text and articles.

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