Send Content to Printers Directly from Your Brandfolder with Send-to-Print


Brandfolder has recently launched Send-to-Print, a customizable feature that enables your marketing and sales team to email brand materials to selected printing companies directly from your Brandfolder.

Currently, Send-to-Print is exclusively available through our Templating feature. And if you recall, templating allows teams the ability to produce stunning, on-brand materials without design and creative input through pre-created, modular templates.  

Send-to-Print not only increases your teams’ independence, but also helps with the following:  

Improving brand consistency

With Send-to-Print, creative and design teams never have to worry about out-of-date and off-brand materials being published. Thanks to our dynamic templates, sales and marketing can create approved materials and send directly to a pre-selected printer of choice.

Reducing costs through improved processes

Send-to-Print cuts out the additional step of taking an approved material and uploading on a printing company’s website or emailing them with attached files. With the Send-to-Print  customizable form, marketing teams are able to fill out necessary information to print materials and communicate with the printer one-on-one directly from Brandfolder.

Decreasing time to market

Thanks to the streamlined print options, marketing and sales materials are published quicker than ever. Satellite offices and remote employees also have the option to set up their own, local printers and eliminate the wait from headquarters printing for them.  

If you’re interested in any of the benefits above, because who wouldn’t be (?), contact us today to set up a Send-to-Print demo.

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