Canva for Work: Our First Impressions


On August 6th, Canva rolled out preview access to its new design tool built specifically for the workplace. At Brandfolder, we’re big fans of Canva and often use it to help with the creation of image-based content for our blog and social media channels.

This morning, I was excited to see a “Welcome to Canva for Work” email in my inbox. I spent some time getting acquainted with the new tool and thought I’d share my feedback about the experience.

Brand Kits


At Brandfolder, we live and breathe brand management. Our digital asset management platform provides one home for all your finalized brand assets, which can be accessed publicly or privately depending on your needs.

Canva’s Brand Kit acts similarly, inside the Canva design tool. Users can add their brand colors, fonts and logos to create a uniform experience for every designer on their team.


Canva already had a great template library, and with Canva for Work, now you can create branded templates that align to your organization’s specific content needs. After poking around for a bit, I found out how to access my brand kit’s assets from within the design. I could include my logo, colors and fonts in each design and then save it as a template for later use. Hello time savings!

Magic Resize


With social media content, the devil is in the details. There’s an overwhelming number of platforms and file size restrictions to make resizing content for every channel a full-time job. With Magic Resize, Canva eliminates the busy work. Create one image and convert it into a usable format for posting across all of your brand’s favorite social media channels.

I tried testing this with a larger design format (Presentation) and used magic resize to spit out new designs for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All in all I was very satisfied with the results; this is an awesome tool for creating image content for social media.



With the addition of teams, you can collaborate across designs. Creators and reviewers now have a simple way to add comments to designs which get shared across the entire team – giving users an easy way to work together towards final approval.

Final Thoughts

Realizing this tool is still in an early-access beta, I think Canva’s done a great job building out functionality that will continue to add value to their user base. These new features streamline internal creation and collaboration across an organization’s visual content needs.

And there’s definitely more opportunity to further integrate the new Canva for Work functionality into the overall tool. For example, having a section dedicated to your brand kit from within the designer would be an easy, quick win.

At Brandfolder, we’re excited to see validation in our marketplace through the introduction of more tools that make it easier for creatives and marketers to do their jobs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Brandfolder can help provide one easy-to-use, visual home for all of your brand assets (any file type, from Canva designs, to logos, colors, fonts, and more) contact us to receive a personalized quote.

*Jenay Sellers runs Digital Marketing at Brandfolder, the simplest way to store, share and manage brand assets. As a Marketer and self-taught website designer, she understands the importance of digital asset management tools and solutions. When she’s not encouraging others to check out Brandfolder, she enjoys cooking Blue Apron meals, playing golf, and curating Spotify’s best new music. *

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