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Over the last decade we’ve seen the stock market perform exceptionally well. Following the 2008 financial crisis, what we started experiencing in 2009 was more than a decade of prosperity throughout most of the market. But all of that changed when we entered 2022, which so far has been the worst year in the stock market since the great recession. With the S&P currently being down over 18% for the year, the good times we experienced over the last decade appear to be over, at least until we bottom out of this bear market.
But luckily for me, because I pursue dividends over share price performance, I haven’t felt the burn like growth investors have this year. In reality many of the high yielding dividend stocks in my portfolio have continued to increase their dividend payments this year and are estimated to keep doing so, regardless of how the rest of the year and 2023 treat us economically. To my knowledge none of my individual stocks have reduced their dividends this year, which is really great. So in today’s video I wanted to go over some of the high yielding stocks in my dividend portfolio that have continued to grow their dividends in 2022 and from everything I’ve researched, should continue to grow their dividends going in the future.


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