The Story Behind FINIS’ Powerful Product Launches


When your brand has international partners in over 80 countries, providing the right brand assets to the right people is no easy task. And, when your brand is rapidly growing and expanding its product set every month, maintaining international brand consistency is a major challenge.

These problems were a daily occurrence for FINIS, Inc., one of the world’s largest swimwear outfitters. We spoke with Rachel Westerhoff, Creative Manager at FINIS, about the obstacles her team faced.

Without a centralized home for brand assets, Rachel’s team wasted an average of 10 hours each week responding to email requests — mostly for assets that had already been created. And, even after responding to requests and sending updated assets to partners and press across the world, they still saw outdated assets being used in critical new markets.

The FINIS team worked diligently to prevent these mistakes, but they still found outdated imagery and product copy being promoted in critical new markets.

FINIS' Brandfolder

To better manage their growing global brand presence, FINIS needed a digital asset management solution that would continue to offer immediate accessibility to brand assets — FINIS needed Brandfolder.

“We used to be months behind, but having everything easily accessible in Brandfolder allows us transparency in our actions globally. I would recommend Brandfolder to any business in need of a DAM system.”

FINIS’ rapidly expanding product set and growing international brand presence required a DAM that could scale rapidly. With the ability to easily add new assets and users, Brandfolder helps Rachel and her team grow more quickly and efficiently than before.

“Brandfolder gives us the competitive edge to grow and scale consistently at a rapid pace. I don’t know how we lived without it, and I can’t imagine managing our brand any other way.”

To learn more about how Brandfolder helps FINIS meet their global branding challenges, get the case study today! You’ll also learn insider product launch secrets, such as how FINIS:

  • Shares official product information — including technical specifications, inventory detail sheets, and social media content — with a single link
  • Streamlines communication and upholds a consistent brand vision across the globe
  • Gains a competitive edge over rival swimwear brands

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