3 Inspiring Brands That Celebrate Earth Every Day


First established in 1970, Earth Day is a movement that sparks passion and motivates action for environmental preservation. Today marks its 46th celebration, and the Earth Day committee has organized many bold initiatives since its founding — one being “Trees for the Earth,” the goal to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020.

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to help spread awareness of the importance of building a healthy, sustainable environment. And, a great way to contribute to this cause is by supporting eco-conscious companies.

Here are three green companies that we admire for their commitment to conserving the Earth, and the incredible change they’re inspiring in so many different ways.



GreenBlue is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to the sustainable use of materials in society. Their Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) is an industry working group comprised of global, household brands like McDonalds, Honest Tea, and Wegmans, working alongside material producers, packaging designers, academia, government agencies, and more. Together, SPC companies commit to building packaging systems that encourage a sustainable flow of materials.


Another amazing initiative GreenBlue has established is their How2Recycle program, a coalition of forward-thinking brands who empower consumers to recycle through smart packaging labels. Companies like REI, Target, and Seventh Generation use this consistent, transparent, and informative symbol system to promote proper recycling of their packaging.

GreenBlue envisions a world where human activity is in balance with Earth’s carrying capacity. For more information on GreenBlue and their programs, check out their Brandfolder.

Simple Energy


Simple Energy is a software that helps people understand their energy usage and enables them to reduce their energy bill. The tool uses behavioral science, big data analytics, and digital marketing techniques to change the way millions of people think about energy. Not only is their platform fun and engaging, with energy-saving competitions and leaderboards, but it also inspires change — customers get rewards for conserving energy.

Simple Energy also has a utility-partnering Marketplace that allows consumers to purchase energy-saving household products with instant rebates.


Do you remember the last time you filled out a rebate form? According to Simple Energy, your answer is probably a “no.” Because rebate forms are typically complicated to fill out, less than 7% of consumers follow up on the offer. Simple Energy’s Marketplace eliminates the rebate problem, allows consumers to make informed purchasing decisions, and even delivers individualized energy-saving recommendations.

Simple Energy is changing how millions of people save energy, and how utility companies engage with their customers. Explore their Brandfolder to learn more.



Last but certainly not least, Eco-Products is the nation’s leading brand of disposable foodservice products made from renewable and recycled resources. But, in the words of Eco-Products themselves, “We’re not a disposables company trying to act green; we’re a green company who happens to operate in disposables.” Their products require fewer resources to produce and are easily compostable or recyclable — proving to be gentler on the environment than other disposable ranges.

Eco-Products recently released their third annual Sustainability Report to illustrate the progress and impact of their efforts. They’ve successfully reduced air travel relative to sales, implemented an audit for all suppliers to monitor environmental performance, and are continuing to phase out products that don’t align with the company’s design standards.


To close, we’ll leave you with this gem of a quote from Eco-Products’ Brandfolder:

“Kids today should grow up thinking the stupidest thing in the whole world is to throw something away.” – Peter Senge, MIT Business Professor, Author of “The Fifth Discipline”

We hope this collection of eco-friendly companies inspires you to find ways to conserve in your everyday life. Whether it’s properly recycling, reducing your utility usage, or purchasing sustainable products, every effort counts towards preserving our home: planet Earth.

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