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In order to speak to your target market your personal brand needs to be active on social media in all places where they are engaging. Mobile marketing is increasingly the main vehicle behind search, watching videos, and making purchases.

By expanding into this arena your brand can tap into a much larger audience in your niche. This will take just some updating to your content curation and marketing strategies along with having a responsive website design.

How can you successfully build your brand on mobile? Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter should be your main focus. After conducting target market research you can find out exactly which ones your audience is active in the most. Let’s take a look at how this can benefit your branding strategy:

How Mobile Marketing Will Help Build Your Brand On Social Media

Here are several places you can start reaching a larger audience online:

  • Mobile video – The best performing content are videos that are professional, can clearly project what the topic is about, answer a pressing need or question, and have a strong call to action. Several websites are popular with YouTube being at the top of the list. Native video on your website can also enhance the viewing experience for your visitors, especially as these offer a compelling brand story.
  • Create live stories – This is one of the fastest ways to capture an interested audience and take them behind the scenes of your brand. Instagram stories are the most popular for many users with Facebook coming in at a close second. By posting these at least once a day you can greatly increase your Fans and followers.
  • Messaging apps – If your audience is using these types of apps then you can create an easy way for them to contact you and provide them important updates and offers. Be sure to include a chat bot on your website as well on the front page so that your visitors can ask questions and find out more about your company.

As mobile continues to grow in popularity, it is more important than ever to optimize your content, and to make your personal brand stand out. This will not only increase your subscriber list, but will also reach your community where they are at.

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