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Establishing credibility for your personal brand begins with great content. A great way to showcase your expertise is a published book both in print and in the digital realm. You want to ensure that all of your time and effort gets the most visibility with a well-written biography.

A personal brand’s reputation is built through a unique voice that speaks to an audience. Your message and knowledge can open the doors to more opportunities and online visibility. The path to success involves a well laid out plan, a professional persona and precise writing and editing. A great introduction to who you are as an individual or business is built on your knowledge and expertise along with answering the most pressing questions of your target market.

How can your brand make your content work for you? Through a well-planned strategy, which leads to a culmination of ideas that can be shared not only in your publication but on all of your online properties.

A brand with a compelling biography will certainly get noticed along with a professional website and smart marketing plan. In order to be effective there are a few key strategies to line up first.

How to attract readers for your book with a great biography

There are several ways to attract more readers for your brand’s next publication.

  • Focus on the most important elements – Make sure when writing out ideas that your experience lines up with your niche. People are less interested in awards, degrees and accolades — they want to know that you understand their needs and desires and have the answers to their most pressing questions.
  • Testimonials are powerful – Include real testimonials from your clients, professional sources, and include a list of any publications you’ve been in or interviews on radio, podcasts, television, ect. The higher level of influencer recommending your brand the more your readers will be interested in your content.
  • Showcase the uniqueness of your brand – Focus on what is unique to your brand in order to stand out from the rest in your industry. You really want your readers to know what you are about and how you are different from the competition. The goal here is to develop a “human” picture of you as a real person or company that they can relate to.
  • Cross promote your online channels – The most important link to include in your bio is your main website URL and any social networks. This is especially important for publications that are in both print and eBook format — only list the main places that you want to interact with your audience in.

Taking the time to clearly define your personal brand can greatly enhance and increase book sales. Write out different versions of your author bio with the understanding that this will be the main tool to use when marketing your work. It’s best to develop something that is consistent that your brand audience will be able to easily recognize when they do a search for you online.

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