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Keep reading if you believe brand management is at the core of event planning. You’re the organizer of a large industry conference, marathon, festival, etc. As such, you’re collecting logos from sponsors, headshots and final presentation decks from speakers, swag designs from vendors, and the countless other assets you’ll need from your partners. Your design team is creating tons of digital assets – files for printed signage, booth designs, 3D renders of the venue layout. In addition to all of this, you’re keeping track of tons of documents around catering, keynote agendas and website copy.  And this is just a short list of the potential files to be shared and distributed internally, externally, around multiple agencies, partners, sponsors, speakers, attendees, etc, for any said event. You get it. And if you’ve been there, just reading this may make you cringe.

As event marketers, how do we navigate from beginning to end, staying organized with thousands of assets from several different outlets?

Enter your literal lifesaver – digital asset management. Brandfolder, a DAM centered on brand equity and performance, strongly believes that an event marketer’s concerns can be solved with one simple tool.

Many of us use collaborative tools like Smartsheet, Google Docs and event platforms like Cvent, Eventbrite, Splashthat and more to control planning/logistics and registration. We can call this the “Event Marketer’s Stack.” Imagine a layer at the bottom of all of these tools that support every single brand asset you’ll need – that’s Brandfolder.

Don’t take my word for it, let me demonstrate to you the benefits of using Brandfolder as the backbone of your event management through two scenarios.

We (Brandfolder) are a sponsor of a specific event in October. This event has turnkey booths – no need to ship and set up your mangled pop-up! They provide the dimensions of the booth and artwork requests.

So, once our designer has created the image we will use for the booth, and we upload it here: http://upload.aproofnow.com….Ok, what is that? If you’re a marketer like me, you believe no UX in 2018 should ever look like that!

If this event utilized Brandfolder, they could easily set up a private link where exhibitors/sponsors could drag and drop all the assets they need to provide the event with. They could also (in the same exact place) provide these same exhibitors access to logos, social artwork, etc to help promote the event. And it would certainly look a lot more friendly than whatever is happening in the link above.

Side note: Brandfolder can convert file types and dimensions in the product – so no need to tap a designer. Yes, I said that correctly.

Example 2. When you’re the organizer

Colorado Classic and Velorama – a massive bike race paired with a concert festival in Denver, CO – uses Brandfolder for a magnitude of reasons. Between these two events, the marketing agency behind them needed a platform to manage all the creative assets pre/during/ post-festival. Sections of this Brandfolder include logos, photos, jersey artwork, route maps, animations/video, results, rosters and press.

The marketing agency was able to do upload all photography and race results in real time, distribute it out to hand-selected parties for press access, and keep consistent branding for all vendors and promotions,  in just one platform throughout the duration of the event. For them and their collaborators, this made things a lot easier than having to juggle assets in multiple locations.

Beyond just helping to aggregate, compile, organize, share and distribute assets, event marketing needs data to back it up. With a high cost, there must be a return. With Brandfolder, get real-time analytics of who is accessing what; know which partners or sponsors have pulled or submitted assets. Unfortunately, we can’t make someone respond faster via email, or hit a submission deadline, but we can help keep everyone on the same page so nothing is ever lost.


Don’t let the examples above leave you hanging – they are just scratching the surface of Brandfolder for Event Management – see our Top 10 headaches from event managers that Brandfolder solves.

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