Endeavor Makes Crisis Management Resources Available to Entrepreneurs Everywhere


Now more than ever, global communities are coming together to build each other up and share important resources for navigating this unprecedented period of uncertainty in business.

For the team at Endeavor—a nonprofit organization devoted to supporting entrepreneurs who spark social and economic transformation in their own communities—developing an expanded support system felt critical.

“Once COVID-19 started to really impact the world, we saw a wealth of knowledge sharing amongst our network members, but it was all scattered in Google Sheets and Slack,” says Dustin Poh, Endeavor’s Director of Brand & Creative. “We wanted a place to house these resources, not only for our Endeavor Entrepreneurs but for the entrepreneurship community at large.”

Last week, Endeavor launched a resource center for their entrepreneurs, and now, they’ve pushed it out to the public. The repository offers visitors everything from articles on crisis management and business impact projections to industry-specific expert advice and webinar recordings.

Learn best practices for remote pitching, get the details on legal obligations, view guides specifically curated for first-time managers, and more.

Whatever your industry, and no matter your level of expertise, the Endeavor Entrepreneur Resource Center provides a robust library of thought leadership content—designed to give entrepreneurs around the world unparalleled support during this time.

“Endeavor offers high-impact entrepreneurs operating in 37 markets and a wide variety of industries an unparalleled global network of peer and expert support,” said Carmen Feliz-Taveras, VP of Entrepreneur Selection & Growth at Endeavor. “Entrepreneurs are some of the world’s best problem solvers, so it felt important that everyone should have open access to resources that could help manage the impact of this crisis.”

Incredible work, Endeavor team! A bright spot in a lot of chaos.

Click here to check out the full resource center.

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