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On this special episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast – Interview Series, I am joined by Paul Sheeran, Managing Director for HPE Financial Services. Sustainability has shifted from a nice-to-have to a business imperative. We used to think we had to compromise on cost to be sustainable but being a force for good is also a source for business value. In this episode, Paul and I explore how introducing circularity into your tech estate can help drive innovation, increase profitability, and accelerate your organization’s global impact.

In our conversation we discussed the following:
• A dive into some of the trends that we are seeing in regards to sustainability
• Insight from Paul on practical ways companies can improve their sustainability strategy
• What it means to create circularity and how it can help organizations operate at peak efficiency
• A look into what HPE Financial Services is doing to help address the demand for ESG and sustainability initiatives in the future.

It was a great conversation and one you don’t want to miss.

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