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Well, just like in your personal life, there are a few tips and tricks and best practices for dealing with errors. But, it really comes down to one thing.

Some errors are simple:

  • Calling somebody by the wrong name in front of others.
  • Sending out an email with an incorrect URL or other information.

Some errors are a little more complex:

  • When job hunting … accidentally sending a message to the wrong person.
  • At work … sending a message to your boss or a peer that has confidential or compromising information

All errors come down to one thing


When you are personally accountable for your errors your integrity immediately gets an uptick in value. People notice. You notice.

In order to stand out in your career there are more than a few things you need, but one of the most important is your integrity.

Your integrity precedes you in every situation

and it also follows you for your entire career.

Think for a moment about someone whom you will never do business with again.

Why? Was it something they did that compromised their integrity?

Maintaining and Extending Your Integrity is Simple

The next time you make an error

  • Whether it’s minor or huge.
  • Whether it’s forced or unforced
  • You need to do one simple thing.

Own it!

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