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How to Balance the Output-Input of Social Networking – Personal Branding Blog


Social media marketing is a place to build community — so where do you find the right balance between selling your brand’s products or services and building relationships? There are several ways you can make your marketing strategy both effective and influential.

It is important for your brand to be actively involved in networking with your community on a regular basis. Not only does this establish trust, but also helps you connect with other influencers in your industry who can help spread the word about your business.

Today there are over 300 plus different social networks online, and the top platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are all essential in building your audience. The key to success for your personal brand is presented here with ideas that will help you attract more interested prospects.

Powerful Social Media Marketing Techniques

The following are some ways your personal brand can maintain a balance between attracting sales and building relationships:

  • Choose the right followers – While having a large number of followers is good it’s really the quality that counts, especially if you want to attract people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. You can find people through offline events in your industry, live video events or podcasts, Twitter chats, webinars, ect.
  • Find out what content to share – Online communities and social groups are a good way to learn more about the needs and desires of your audience. This enables your brand to dive deeper into conversations and even answer some of their most pressing questions, which can be used for content ideas later on.
  • Cross promote on multiple channels – With the use of social media management tools you can share your tweets and posts across several platforms at once in order to reach a wider audience. Tailor these for each network such as a short video for Instagram or an informative infographic on Pinterest.
  • Create a schedule ahead of time – In order to be more efficient and remain active online you will want to create a full content calendar for not only your blog, but your social networks as well. This eliminates the procrastination temptation and helps you stay focused on the more important things like nurturing your relationships with your leads and customers.

As marketing continues to evolve and reach into new places like mobile and augmented reality your personal brand must learn to keep this all in balance in order to maximize your time and build an authentic, personalized persona. These steps will help you to forge better relationships and increase your subscriber rate on your website.

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