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Hi everyone,

I wanted to give a quick update on the release of our first paid plan, Brandfolder Pro, which we pushed out today.

We wanted to keep Brandfolder Pro really simple. So, as of today, we charge $99/year for private Brandfolders and analytics, and that’s it! You’re still encouraged, however, to build as many FREE public Brandfolders as you want with unlimited assets and users.

Any Brandfolders you have created before today are automatically grandfathered into 3 months free of Brandfolder Pro. And, if you signup for Brandfolder this week, and retweet this Brandfolder tweet,  I might “know a guy, who knows a guy” that will email you a coupon code for $50 (50%) off our yearly Pro plan.

Brandfolder tweet

Why charge for private?

The decision was two-fold:

1) We have a love affair with free public Brandfolders — They’re completely on demand and open for business, and they help us grow our brand as they’re shared frictionlessly across many parties. They’ve been with us since day one and private Brandfolders grew out of them, as their slightly more introverted younger sibling.

2) I have personally converted to paid plans for enhanced privacy — I’ve done it on Prezi, I’ve done it on Slideshare. There are some things that I only want to share with certain folks, and I am comfortable paying for this. I’ve used the same rationale for our pricing with the understanding that some marketing content is meant to be “for your (and selected other) eyes only.”

Why $99?

We tested our existing customers, we tested the market and we decided $99 was where we should be for now. Simple as that. We aim to deliver value, not to “nickel and dime” you.

What can you expect next?

We strive to continue building an easily adoptable standard for marketers and creatives to organize and share their brand assets. A Brandfolder at company A is a Brandfolder at company B, etc. no learning curve or additional hires required. We view complexity as a foe and are focused on delivering a simple product that enables you to organize and share your brand assets and marketing materials with ease.

I’m happy to receive any questions or feedback — just email me at brian@brandfolder.com.

From all of us here – Thanks for helping us build our business and the industry standard!

And don’t forget to signup!

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