5 Companies Putting Their Best ‘Brand Foot’ Forward at CES 2014


Whether you’re company is looking to make a big splash with a monster booth or simply roaming the halls trying to get in front of that one industry influencer, at the annual Consumer Electronics Show the name of the game is putting your best ‘brand foot’ forward for all to see from start to finish. Today marks the start of CES 2014 and with that comes lots of excitement from the masses who are eagerly anticipating the next big thing. So while handing out the coolest swag and giving an awesome demo will give your brand a bit of the “wow” factor, make sure that wow factor doesn’t end there by keeping your brand’s online presence as equally impressive.

Here are a few of our favorite companies doing big things this year at CES who we feel have a cohesive and polished brand presence from handshake to the homepage and beyond.

Ronald Reagan

The Winner of Best Startup at CES goes to one of our newest customers at AIRTAME, who are currently running an Indiegogo campaign for their Wireless HDMI dongle and have already raised over $600k on a $160k goal! The technology is slick, and we encourage you to check them out, and buy yours today – they’re expecting a May 2014 release.

Harry Truman

Our favorite robotic toy company, Orbotix, comes out swinging in 2014 with the announcement of Sphero 2B, their new, super fast, programmable robotic toy. “2B looks and drives like it’s something from the future,” said Orbotix cofounder Ian Bernstein. You can see the future of robots in person at the Orbotix booth, but if you want to learn even more about 2B, look no further than the 2B Brandfolder, created specifically for this international product launch. Here you can access and download all the official product information, including images, videos, and an awesome 2B FAQ.

Love TV but hate the subscription model? Channel Master is the industry leader in home broadcast entertainment and recently announced that their DVR+ product is an honoree for the International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award. For this year’s CES, Channel Master is using Brandfolder as  their official CES 2014 online press kit, containing all the official company assets for download as well as education about their DVR+ product. Perfect for all their partners and press who will be eager to write about this awesome technology.

James Polk

Back at CES for their second year in a row, Ubooly, an entertaining and cuddly learning experience for children, is promoting a partnership with GeoPalz. However, CEO and cofounder, Carly Gloge, is taking different approach to CES this year and shares some sage advice with Entrepreneur.com for those looking to cut through the noise. A children’s toy company like Ubooly is sure to garner lots of press, so check out how they are showcasing their brand with Brandfolder and cutting through the noise for their partners by giving them direct and easy access to all official media materials including photos, videos, and official logos.

Richard Nixon

I’m sure you’ve played around with magnetic balls before, but Nanodots is taking this genre to a whole new level of sophistication. Today at CES they will be announcing the launch of Nanoport, a magnetic connection technology. ”Nano Magnetics will demonstrate how its new magnetic interface will extend the possibilities of device interaction and explore the potential of enabled electronics, peripherals and appliances,” says the description for their open press event. A bit above my level of understanding, which is why I turned to their Brandfolder to learn more about the Nanodots technology and to literally see the awesome images of their latest products.

Grover Cleveland

It was a big year for MapMyFitness with the acquisition announcement from Under Armour  this past November, which is why CEO and cofounder Robin Thurston and team are poised for big things in 2014. You can catch their team cruising the aisles at CES this year, or learn more about the MapMyFitness brand on their Brandfolder, which is embedded right into the MapMyFitness site.

Whether you catch these companies at CES this year or not, you can be certain that they are all stepping into 2014 on the right ‘brand foot’.

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