The Biggest Brandfolder Update Yet


We just released a big update for all users, so when you log into your Brandfolder you’ll see some changes.

One View

The biggest visual change is that View Mode and Edit Mode are now combined into one powerful view. If you’re logged in and have editing access as either an Admin or Collaborator you’ll see the edit features as needed. This removes a lot of the unnecessary confusion between views, and allows you to switch from view to edit without having to load another page. It also gives you a much better idea of exactly what your guests or the public will see in realtime as you build your Brandfolder.

If you have Brandfolder Enhanced, we remove the empty section headers to make the layout cleaner. If you need to add assets to a section you don’t have any in yet, simply click the section in the Filter bar and you’ll be able to add new assets.


Pinned Tags

We get a ton of requests for better organization of brand assets inside Brandfolders. One of the more common requests is through the idea of adding sub-folders inside a Brandfolder.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
– Henry Ford

This is one of my favorite quotes from Henry Ford and I find it quite relevant here. We at Brandfolder have decided to take a stand against sub-folders as we don’t feel that the status quo is good enough. Now, the status quo is not easy to disrupt, but our vision is to be a simple way for anybody to manage and share brand assets. Our highly visual platform makes it easy on the brand consumers to find the assets they need. If those assets are buried in sub-folders, the visual aspect is lost and the brand consumer is no better off than digging through Dropbox folders or emailed ZIP files. We’re here to disrupt that. That’s why we’ve taken the approach of Pinned Tags as a way to make things more organized in your Brandfolder. Think of it more like labels in Gmail vs. folders in Outlook.


Pinned Tags are easy for Admins/Collaborators to create by simply searching for anything and clicking “Pin Tag”. The search will instantly be available to anybody viewing your Brandfolder. Removing is just as easy: click on the Pinned Tag, and click “Unpin”. We don’t limit the number of thePinned Tags you can have, just keep in mind that “less is more”. I.e.) A journalist that needs your assets won’t want to have to read through dozens of Pinned Tags to find what they want.


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