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See what we did there? We’ve been hard at work cranking out some new features that are sure to make your brand management experience even better. Call us crazy, but we love to build products that our customers actually want to use. If you have some features you’ve been keeping to yourself that you’d love to see implemented please submit them to our feedback forum so others can vote on them. We promise to look at every one. Pinky promise.


You might have built your Brandfolder to save yourself from the mess of files and “logo” folders that are sitting  in your Dropbox right now. We feel ya. One thing you can do to make your brand assets even more accessible and save yourself from a “brand gone wild” is by linking directly to your Brandfolder from your own website. We’ve done the legwork to make your Brandfolder friendly to search engines (Search Engine Optimization), so by linking to yours it will help Google and other search engines know that these are your official brand assets. Ohhh…nice!

A few of our favorites doing this include RomotiveSphero and Airtame (in the footer).

We’re pretty serious about organizing, and a big feature request we get often is for subfolders; we decided to tackle this idea in a slightly different (read: better) way. We gave our tagging functionality an upgrade so that any hashtags you add to descriptions of assets will magically turn into links that give your brand consumers a quick way to filter to other assets with that same hashtag. Click the image below for a real example courtesy of our friends at MapMyFitness.

hastagging feature in Brandfolder

More download options with resize & crop

We’ve also added two more links in the asset view from the screenshot above. One of those is “Resize/Crop” which will let you download a resized version of your asset without ever having to open up Photoshop.

resize feature in Brandfolder

On every asset now you’ll see a link for “Get Link to Share”. This will give you a URL that you can share with whomever to send them to a specific asset in your Brandfolder. For example, a link like http://share.bf.vu/L5jcsk will send you to the MapMyFitness Brandfolder with the asset from the above screenshot opened. A great use of this: If you have logos or product shots on your site for downloading, you link to them in your Brandfolder for download options. Or you could just link to your Brandfolder…just saying.

We created Brandfolder to prevent the telephone game that happens over email every time someone needs your logo or other brand assets. With Brandfolder, you only need to reply with a single link and be done. To help save your thumbs from having to type on tiny screens any more than you have to we’ve even made that easier. Simply point those requests to bf.vu/your-brand such as bf.vu/soulcycle and you’re good to go!

This one is so fresh it’s probably still a bit warm. Over the weekend we integrated with Embed.ly to give our customers the ability to embed content from 250 providers. We still pull in YouTube & Vimeo – as well as other video sources like Wistia, Vidyard and Vine, but due to the fact that it’s now possible to embed things like Spotify, Rdio, SoundCloud, SlideShare, Prezi, Speaker Deck, Google Maps and even Amazon we decided to rename the section to “Media” and give it a bump in priority so it now sits right below “Documents”.

media section feature in Brandfolder

What do you think of these new enhancements? Tell us in the comments below. We’ll continue working on new ways to organize and share your brand as best as possible.

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