The 5 Most Delicious Rebrands of 2014


Picture the grocery-store shelves of your childhood. What did the cereal section look like? A bunch of garish boxes replete with pastel colors and goofy cartoons, right? Think of those same brands today. The difference proves a point: package design trends are constantly evolving, and food companies must rebrand themselves in order to keep up.

The good news is that sometimes, a juicy new redesign is exactly what a classic food item needs. So, in order to tempt your taste buds and test your willpower (see ice cream flavor towers below) we’ve compiled a list of this year’s top five most tempting food rebrands. 

1) Lowe’s Foods

Although Lowe’s Foods is only located in the Southeastern US, their newest rebranding efforts—which are intensely focused on being local—have garnered them national attention. With the Pick ‘n’ Prep station, shoppers can have their produce chopped and prepared for recipes while they peruse the newly revamped aisles.


2) Ben and Jerry’s

When Ben and Jerry’s overhauled their iconic ice cream brand, they conquered the impossible by becoming even more enticing. The cartons now sport flavor towers that consist of premium ingredients piled high. The emphasis on these delicious elements—from sweet scoops of Oreo cookie to cherry and pistachio—undoubtedly help lure consumers to come and try the bold taste.


3) El Jimador

El Jimador has been Mexico’s top-selling tequila brand for the past decade, but they have not yet expanded to the ever-burgeoning market of young Americans. Their recently rebranded bottle fosters a more modern identity with an embossed illustration of el Jimador—Mexico’s most skillful agave harvesters.

el-Jimador Work Redesigned-Bottles-1

4) Munchery

This San Francisco food delivery service rebranded their packaging in an effort to be more functional, sustainable and appealing. Prior to their rebrand, Munchery’s standard plastic containers complicated the reheating process and created unnecessary waste. Now, their vibrant, citrus-colored plant-based containers are entirely compostable and biodegradable, helping locally sourced chefs stay true to their ethics.

packaging v2-1

5) Duke of Delhi

Inspired by the cultural nuances of both India and England, Duke of Delhi makes indulgent chocolate bars and eccentric snack fusions that boast flavors like cardamom and honeycomb. Their package redesign pays respect to India’s history through an old-world color palette and an elegant English carriage.

DukeOfDelhiChoc1 rgb LoRes-1-1

Think you’re ready for a tasty rebrand?

Whether it’s a casual restaurant or an iconic liquor brand, food companies are constantly being forced to adapt—lest they end up being like one of those dusty old cereals boxes left behind. Hungry for some more inspiration? Check out: 5 Coffee Brands with Perfect Packaging.

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