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Ways to Feel Energized at Work – Personal Branding Blog


With the January blues, we can feel in the office that our energy levels are down and it may take more time to finish the same tasks because we feel reluctant. However, there are several hints to always maintain a high energy and stay productive. Below are some ways to recharge ourselves and feel energized.

  • Go to Bed Early and Wake up Early: A healthy adult needs minimum seven hours of sleep per night to be productive. Therefore, if you need to wake up at 7am in the morning, this means you need to be already sleeping at midnight. If you can get more than seven hours of sleep such as eight or nine, that is even better. Therefore, try to go to sleep as early as possible in order to stay healthy and function your best.
  • Eat Breakfast: Don’t skip eating breakfast. You don’t need to eat a full breakfast everyday but at least eat some cereal or a slice of bread with cream cheese on it. A banana and a cup of fruity yogurt can help too and all of these options take only 5 minutes of your time. Think of this way, when your phone’s battery dies, you plug it in to charge it so it can gain its power back. You need to regain your power as well when you wake up. Therefore, you need to eat breakfast to fully power your body.
  • Organize Your Desk: Each day when you arrive at work, take a few minutes to clean up and organize your desk. A crowded and disorganized desk can cause stress and make you overwhelmed. Also, in a cluttered desk, it is difficult to find what you are looking for and this can decrease your productivity.
  • Have some Break: After working for a while, give some break for a coffee. Take your coffee and go to your coworker’s desk for a chit chat. This will help you recharge your energy and refresh your mind. This is a win-win situation for both parties because it will make the same effect for your coworker too.
  • Take a Walk During the Day: Regular exercising reduces stress and decreases tension. If you feel that you don’t have the time to go to the gym to work out, you can go for a short walk in your lunch or coffee break. A 15 minute walk outside can help you feel refreshed and awake. Even if it is rainy or cold outside, try walking right outside of your office. You will realize that your body revives immediately.

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