5 Beautiful Coffee Packaging Designs


Let’s face it: sometimes it’s impossible to get out of bed without a solid caffeine fix. But how do you choose your brand of joe? From Starbucks to Blue Bottle, the world of coffee brands is getting pretty busy. Luckily, coffee companies are learning how to communicate their distinct concepts through unique, meaningful package design. Check out five of the best coffee packaging designs on the market today.

  1. Slingshot

Looking for that extra burst of energy? Slingshot specializes in cold brew–the intensely more caffeinated version of standard coffee. The labels pay homage to both the southern charm of Slingshot’s base in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the trendy, hipster clientele who made cold concentrate cool.


  1. Irving Farm

Although Irving Farm coffee shops are sprinkled throughout the Big Apple, the artists at Black Rose design firm were inspired by the company’s rural roots in Upstate New York. The flying black crows and sleek, minimalist approach echo that of Ralph Lauren and J. Crew, two of Black Rose’s most famous clients.


  1. Marley Coffee

Through a coffee brand that is equal parts​ sustainable, ethical, and charitable, Rohan Marley embodies his father’s lifelong ideals of unity and peace. Marley Coffee’s Jamaica Blue Mountain packaging proudly shows its Jamaican pride through brilliant, gold typography and a patriotic color trio. ​As if that weren’t enough to love, ​the company upholds their mission of integrity by donating a portion of sales to 1love.org, a nonprofit that supports organizations like Save the Children and Little Kids Rock.


  1. Parisi Coffee

Italian-inspired Parisi Coffee emphasizes the importance of quality food and drink. The dancers and musicians on the package are a nod to the Fuel The Future program, in which local artists can fundraise for their organizations by selling coffee at retail price.


  1. San Churro The San Churro brand is most famous for their deep commitment to recreating traditional Spanish chocolaterias. But since it’s a shame to enjoy churros without a hot drink, the company started making its fair trade beans available for retail. The packaging makes use of characteristically Spanish designs and a warm color palette to reinforce the strong heritage of the San Churro brand.

For more inspiration on coffee branding, read Marley Coffee: Rethinking a Family Legacy, or check out 4 Packaging Design Trends to Watch in 2016.

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