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Use Microblogging to Promote Your Personal Brand – Personal Branding Blog


Bite-sized content is becoming more popular with online audiences on both mobile and computer devices. Creating unique and eye-catching images opens the door for converting leads into sales and growing your social networks with organic methods.

Which platforms work the best for microblogging posts? After conducting the right target market research to learn how to best meet the needs of that audience your brand’s next strategy should be to meet your audience where they are at.

Social media has become a leading powerful brand building tool, and has the potential to build more authority as well as create a high level of influence that increases subscribers and sales.

Give Your Personal Brand a Boost with Microblogging

Here are several places you can share your message in an attractive format:

  • Twitter – When people think of microblogging they first come this social network. This is a place where chats, video, and engaging conversations take place. Easily build your social footprint, and attract more interested visitors to your website as well.
  • Instagram – This social network began as an image sharing platform for teens and has quickly grown to a premier place for sharing viral photos and videos as well as stories and live broadcasts. With the right branding you can attract a loyal audience who will be more likely to make a purchase.
  • Tumblr – If your branding is centered around art and creativity then you will love this micro content website. The focus is based on interest and niche groups which makes it very easy to hone in on the right community. This place is geared toward a younger crowd and those who are both crafty and artistic.
  • Pinterest – Establish your brand as a go-to resource by sharing articles, infographics, videos, and photos. By creating multiple boards you can attract a niche community in different categories as well as connect with other brands who have a network that can be drawn into your own profile.

Microblogging is a golden opportunity to expand your publishing efforts for your personal brand. With these social media platforms it is possible to grow your community through organic methods in addition to advertising.

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