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As the provider of a leading digital asset management solution, our ears are always perked for interesting news in the DAM space.

That’s why we were ecstatic when we saw this report, titled “Proving the Value of Digital Asset Management,” published by the IDC. It’s chock-full of useful information that we just couldn’t help but share!

To help you better understand why every marketing team needs DAM, here’s a recap of our five favorite takeaways from this report.

1. Increases Brand Revenue

79% of organizations are realizing revenue gains of 10% or more from DAM. 21% are realizing gains of 40% or more.

(IDC, Proving the Value of Digital Asset Management, June 2015)

DAM solutions increase your organization’s productivity by allowing them to create more marketing campaigns at a faster rate. When your brand can better manage, locate, and share assets, your creative team has more time to focus on the important projects that impact your bottom line.

Since DAM allows creatives to focus on doing what they do best, they can create more brand assets and support the execution of critical revenue-driving campaigns.

2. Adapt to Diverse Digital Platforms

71% say they need to create 10x as many assets these days to support all the different channels.

(IDC, Proving the Value of Digital Asset Management, June 2015)

With so many social media platforms being used daily, the different avenues for asset distribution seem to be multiplying constantly. Brandfolder’s image converter makes it easy to resize images so they can be quickly prepped for use across all digital mediums, from social media posts to hard copy advertisements.

DAM solutions also reduce asset duplication and help marketing teams keep up with increased demand, meaning they can churn out more information relative to the channels that convert.

3. Improves External Collaboration

62% say DAM alleviates the difficulties around sharing assets with external collaborators.

(IDC, Proving the Value of Digital Asset Management, June 2015)

Your brand is important. DAM solutions help improve brand consistency across campaigns and channels by ensuring that the correct assets are used in the right way, especially with external vendors.

Quit responding to one-off logo requests, which are typically accompanied by several follow-up emails around file size and type, and instead let external collaborators self-serve their own needs.

4. Understand Your Asset ROI

88% agree that Marketers need an easy way to discover and share assets that generate the best engagement.

(IDC, Proving the Value of Digital Asset Management, June 2015)

ROI. It’s everywhere. Marketing ROI. Campaign ROI. Digital ROI. And now, asset ROI. DAM gives Marketers an easy way to pinpoint the assets that are impacting ROI. With Brandfolder’s event feed you can deep dive into who’s requesting and accessing your assets as well as how often they’re being shared.

Armed with this feedback, you’ll be able to optimize your customer’s entire digital experience, focusing on delivering the most relevant assets.

Ready to Get Started? At Brandfolder, we understand the importance of DAM. We also know we’re slightly biased. But as more and more companies adopt DAM into their organizations, we’re starting to get real feedback on its validation. The referenced report from IDC is one great way to get familiar with the benefits of DAM solutions.

If you’re interested in learning how Brandfolder can help you increase revenue, adapt to digital platforms, improve external collaboration and understand your asset ROI, we’d love to provide you a customized quote.


Jenay Sellers runs Digital Marketing at Brandfolder, the simplest way to store, share and manage brand assets. As a Marketer and self-taught website designer, she understands the importance of digital asset management tools and solutions. When she’s not encouraging others to check out Brandfolder, she enjoys cooking Blue Apron meals, playing golf, and curating Spotify’s best new music.

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