Transform Files in a Flash With Brandfolder Image Converter


Have you ever wished you could convert file types with the click of a button?

Our new on-site image converter makes it a breeze to manipulate images in an enhanced or enterprise Brandfolder. With the freedom to convert file types, Brandfolder users can download whichever file type they need in an instant. And with the power to choose from a small, medium or large image size, your audience can download the exact asset they need, every single time.

Never again will you have to download images just to resize them in a different editing software, or rely on others to properly reconfigure important brand assets. Now, everything can be done right from your Brandfolder.

Here’s how:


1) Select the asset you’d like to convert and download.

2) After you select the file type you’d like to convert, a new drop-down menu will allow you to choose a small, medium or large file, in addition to the original size. You’ll also be able to choose an alternative file type.

3) The asset will be converted, resized, and downloaded in an instant.

Tips for Using Image Converter

Our image converter supports the manipulation of all major image file types, including PSD, GIF, JPG, PNG, WEBP, BMP, as well as all Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and vector formats. In Brandfolder, vector images support upscaling. For example, if you upload a 300 x 300 AI file within an asset, you’ll be able to download that same asset in all 3 of the resizing options.

Learn More and Upgrade

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this new feature and don’t have an enhanced or enterprise account, check out our pricing guide for upgrade information or contact us at sales@brandfolder.com to get a quote. For additional details on how the Brandfolder image converter works, head to our knowledge base to learn more.

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