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This post was inspired by a picture I saw of Sir Richard Branson.

Where he is having some fun as he steps off The Red Carpet.

It got me thinking about how he seems to Embrace the Red Carpet Keepers and what we can learn from that.

What happens when YOU step off the red carpet?

More than likely what you’ll find is that there are an army of capable, competent, and committed people to ensure that The Red Carpet experience stays what it is supposed to be.

Perhaps these can be called the Red Carpet Keepers.

Red Carpet Keepers are everywhere and in every level of society.

I believe everyone can appreciate the Red Carpet Keepers and recognize them for their contributions.

Embracing Gratitude

When you step off the red carpet and do so in earnest you’ll quickly find that the people that support the effort are the people that make the red carpet possible.

There are countless people enabling, supporting, and rolling out red carpets everywhere.

You might be thinking… But, I’m not on the red carpet!

Think about for a second. Everyone, in every walk of life, is on some sort of red carpet.

The carpet may not literally be red. But, there is some privilege that goes with the “red carpet” that you’re walking on today.

Realize The Red Carpet you are on

It is incumbent upon every individual to realize the bounty and good fortune they have to be walking on the red carpet they have today. To realize that many others don’t have the red carpet you do. And, whether you are supporting The Red Carpet or on The Red Carpet it is up to us to realize where we are and to give credit where credit is due.

Your Challenge… Should you choose to accept it:
Pull someone onto your red carpet.

As mentioned, this post was inspired by a picture I saw of Richard Branson as he was stepping off one of his planes. He is taking a step off the red carpet in this post on Inc. and it just made me smile at his whimsy.

Now, I don’t know Richard Branson and I’ve never been invited to Necker island. But, from what I’ve seen about Sir Richard Branson I believe he knows he is on an amazing red carpet. I also believe he knows he can share his experiences, his wealth, and his whimsy with the world. Which he does on a regular basis and is what inspired me to write this based on the picture in the Inc. post.

How Does This Apply To You?

I’m not looking to make anyone feel bad about what they have or their perception of what they don’t have. I’m looking to use this opportunity to suggest that everyone reading this to embrace what you do have and to envision what you can do with it.

Not everyone can be as magnanimous as Sir Richard Branson.
But, everyone can be themselves.

When you share what you know, give what you can, and realize that you too are on a red carpet… you will Stand Out in Your Career.

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