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The shocking, surprising, and sad fact is that few people do have fire in their belly from passion and curiosity. There are many reasons why:

They don’t want the stress of success.

They are comfortable where they are, and they don’t want to change their work, geographic location, colleagues, or much of anything else.

They don’t want to have big goals only to fall short.

None of their friends or family members are striving for more and better.

They don’t think they are worthy or good enough. They think they are too young, too old, and too heavy, they are in the wrong function, or they have an inappropriate work pedigree.

They are afraid that people will think that they think they are special.

They tried once, it didn’t work, and they and don’t want to try again.

They don’t want to work long, hard hours. They are satisfied with doing whatever is minimally necessary.

They were told that people who make it to the top are thieves.

They are scared.

They have lost their ambition to do anything but tread water.

They don’t know what to do next.

If you have any of those unhelpful thoughts, you need to put them into your mental paper shredder. They do not support where you’re going in life. They might have come from your mom and dad or from some actual experiences, but you have to put a stop to them; otherwise, they will drain your energy. If instead, you get excited about doing whatever you are doing, you will get a sort of energy that puts you on an entirely different level than every other human being.

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