August 2020 Media Mentions


Victoria Kurzweg explored why sonic branding is vital for a connected experience in a byline for WARC. Doug Sellers weighed in on the new Biden-Harris logo design for Fast Company. The Washington Post interviewed Brian Rafferty about TikTok making Microsoft cool again. In The Drum, Aaron Hall explained how sports teams with problematic names can score big by progressing forward. Yasmeen Coning offered strategies to maintain and grow employer brand in a byline for HRO Today. And in Media Post, Kaitlin Smith shared four trends that examine ways tech brands can differentiate and provide value in our ever-changing reality.


10 Female Marketing Leaders Who Have Taught and Inspired Us in 2020

Adzooma – August 3, 2020


Branding in the COVID-19 Environment and Beyond – Q&A with Margaret Molloy, Global CMO of Siegel+Gale

The Marketing Meetup – Aug. 5, 2020


Where Did Quibi Go Wrong: What Can Entrepreneurs Learn from Netflix’s Rival Rough Start

MarkUpgrade – Aug. 5, 2020


The Sound of Simplicity: Why Sonic Branding Is Vital for a Connected Experience

WARC’s Admap – July 31, 2020


Braves, Indians, Blackhawks and Chiefs: What These Teams Should Do Right Now About Their Brands

The Drum – August 7, 2020


The Technology 202: Can TikTok Make Microsoft Cool Again?

The Washington Post – August 7, 2020


In Their Words: Skills Used by Global CMOs to Navigate COVID-19

Campaign – August 11, 2020


How Complexities Prevent and Improve Employee and Customer Experience 

Customer Think – August 11, 2020


Experts Weigh in on the Biden-Harris Logo: “It Could be Scribbled on a Napkin and I’d Be Happy”

Fast Company – August 12, 2020


7 Habits for Laying the Foundation for Business Bravery

Real Leaders – August 12, 2020


Living the Brand: Strategies to Maintain and Grow Employer Brand Equity through Uncertain Times

HRO Today – August 11, 2020


A New Concern Among Consumers: Brand Safety

ANA – August 14, 2020


Simplify Employee and Customer Experiences to Adapt and Grow

Customer Think – August 18, 2020


Top 10 B2B Influencers to Follow in 2020

Blue Mail Media – August 19, 2020


#RetailReset Reveals 6 Realities Driving Post-Pandemic Commerce

Retail TouchPoints – August 20, 2020


7 Habits for Laying the Foundation for Business Bravery

YPO – August 28, 2020


How Technology Brands Can Stand Out in the New Normal

MediaPost – August 30, 2020

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